4 Best Ways to Reach Potential Prospect

Discard Cold Call and Email Blast: 4 Best Ways to Reach Potential Prospects

Those are nowadays of past when prospecting was confined only to dialling for dollars. These days, businesses can reach ideal prospects every day with the help of social media.

You might be using all these platforms; but, are you considering them “prospecting”? This mindset is the most important thing to acquire because it can change your view of these platforms and make you more intentional. Nothing in this world is as valuable as time. So, more intentional you are about your business developmental activities, more return on investment (ROI) you will gain.

4 Best Ways to Reach Potential Prospect

To use time in the best possible way, you need to ditch those cold callings and email blasts. Then, what should you do? Listed below are the four most effective ways of reaching your ideal prospects.

Networking Events

First of all, you need to identify prospect. You need to build your network based only on your ideal prospect. Being a little strategic is required when you are trying to find potential networking community. This community should clearly reflect your preferences including with whom you are eager to work, your target, the industries for which you are working, and of course, the services or products you are serving. Therefore, you need to choose those networking communities which serve the same industries you serve. With these communities, you will be able to attract other service providers and their events will also appeal to your clients. In this way, you will be able to offer additional value by inviting them as your guests. Eventually, you will build a strong bond with your clients and partners.

Paid or Unpaid Speaking Opportunity

Whenever you are getting a chance of speaking, be it paid or unpaid, don’t say yes to every invitation. You should take time to prepare, deliver, and follow up to get better engagement. Before saying yes, you must consider certain issues, such as:

  • How much time is required to get prepared?
  • Which is the topic? Is it new to you or can you utilize your existing materials?
  • Is the topic relevant to your brand?
  • What is the past record of this event?
  • Who is going to attend this event?
  • How will it help you?
  • If the speaking is free, what are the parameters?

Earlier, we’ve discussed how important is it to identify prospect. Once it is done, you know who your target customers are. Now, find a publication that offers write-ups to your target customer. If you can write regularly for this publication, you will be able to reach your potential prospects and develop a strong bonding with them. For this, you need to cross a number of incremental steps, such as personal blogging, writing for small or startup publications etc. You should not expect to work with a big name on your first step. It will require time, patience, dedication, and dealing with serious commitments. Therefore, be wise while selecting a writing platform for your business. Before writing for a publication, don’t forget to go through their guidelines regarding content ownership once the content gets published.

Arrange your own Events

You can establish yourself as an expert in your field by hosting your own events. It will provide you with a captive audience and help you stand one step ahead of your competitors. You need to clearly define your vision and purpose behind arranging the event. Invite only those people who can be your potential prospects and business partners.

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