Tips to overcome negative thoughts when you are not getting placed.

As the Campus placement season approached the stress level also increases. Negative thought start disturbing and at many times impact our performance. All of us go through such situations. We have attempted to analyse few situations, our tips will help you overcome the negative thoughts.

1. “Another company is coming. A lot of people far more talented than me are going to be selected. Another disappointment is on the way.”

If you are thinking like this, you are never going to be placed. What if the “so-called more talented” people are not going to apply for the company. It can also happen that they don’t clear the aptitude. There is a possibility that they become so overconfident that they speak some nuisance during the interview. Well, anything is possible. So be positive.

2. “I am not able to clear the aptitude test even after so much preparation.”

The answer might sound awkward. However, maybe you are not able to clear the aptitude, because you are preparing too much. Aptitude is all about how stable your mind is at the time. If you are preparing too much, overthinking, then you might end up giving wrong answers, precisely what the examiner expects you to do.

3. “I don’t have anything the company needs.”

If you don’t have anything for the company, the company is not for you. If you are getting placed somewhere only for money, that will never help. Eventually, you will end up in a worse condition.

4. “I love this company. However, it is not offering much money. Wonder I will be able to survive.”

Blindly, go for that company. If you love the job profile, the chances of you getting selected automatically increases. Maybe its some blind force.

5. “I want to go for higher studies. Should I sit in the placement process and eat up someone else’s seat?

Yes, you should sit in the placement process no matter whatever you have decided on your future. You don’t know what the situation will be in the future. You might get into such a case, where you must have a job. Maybe your confidence goes down for studies. Anything is possible.

Please do share situations that are troubling you in the comments box to cover in our next series. You can also ask the experts at TalentFore Discussions .

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