Things To Avoid During Hiring

5 Things Recruiters should Never Say to Candidates or should Avoid during job hiring

When it comes to the recruitment process, a great emphasis should be stressed on what the recruiters should avoid saying. On the Internet, you would have gone through the articles regarding suggesting something productive to the aspiring candidates. But hardly you would have gone through an article discussing the recruiters do’s and don’ts. (more…)

Talent Hiring For Startups

5 Creative Ways Startups can Hire Talent

No one would dare to say that hiring is an easy task. For startups, this daunting task of hiring becomes more difficult. Hiring a wrong employee can potentially destroy a budding company having limited cash flow. Therefore, start-ups should hire employees with discretion. If you are in charge of hiring potential employees for a startup, a proper strategy can help you hire the most desirable and potential employees for your company.