Methods of Removing Sales Skill Gaps

After identifying how sales skills need to evolve and improve, effective sales skill assessments would be the next step to be the best seller.

The logical progression from hereon would be to ensure the imparting of useful skills and removing of sales skill gaps. It is rather like solving a puzzle: once you have some critical factors in place, everything else will fall into place! Closing those skill gaps is vital for driving change! With the advent of technology and innovation, the world and its affairs are moving at a much faster pace, and people have a high likelihood of becoming quickly outdated if they do not always upgrade themselves. There is a constant skill gap which needs to be filled with consistent training and assessments.

The Importance of removing Sales Skill Gaps

The sales skill gap represents the difference between potential performance and actual performance. The gap may be the one that exists between targets set and achieved during a given period and also serves the difference between common practice and best practice. Therefore, Identifying and removing sales skill gaps helps streamline processes and reduce futile/ unproductive behaviours. This helps to accelerate the sales success of individual sales team members and in maximising the overall sales potential of the entire team /organisation. It prevents the workforce from becoming redundant, literally. Besides reaching organisational objectives faster, it also helps the employees remain employable. It might reduce the risk of losing their jobs during layoffs, etc. Hence, it is a win-win solution for both parties involved.

Possible Sales Skill Gaps
You or an independent assessment agency may identify some of these sales skill gaps:

  • Processes that may be time-consuming, inefficient, ineffective or burdensome
  • People skills may be inadequate in terms of effective communication; responses and solutions to problems
  • The lack of comprehensive product knowledge and ability to offer practical solutions. This is another skill shortfall identified. This is because, there are a variety of products and sometimes your salespeople may not be aware of the contents, user experience, or additional knowledge of the products. This puts them at a disadvantage when they are creating a strategy or executes it to sell the product. It is necessary to train them to have sound critical knowledge in the product they sell.
  • Strategies may be lacking in terms of focus and the results that they yield
  • Team structures may be ineffective and impotent for driving required sales results
  • Marketing strategies may be misdirected, ineffective or otherwise inadequate; unable to drive the outcomes envisaged
  • Difficulty closing a sale or getting a buyer to commit may be another sales skill gap identified
  • Sales prospecting may not be as targeted as required.

Removing Sales Skill Gaps to be the Best Seller
After identifying sales skill gaps, the next logical step is to remove those and to retrain sales teams to be the best seller. There could be sales steps that are superfluous; delete them because they are eating into your time and resources. There could be processes that you follow because they are traditional, if they are redundant, stop using them. Train your workforce to adapt to the newest technology, allow them to learn about modern developments, and increase the overall productivity of the organisation. Create scenarios wherein sales representatives practice and refine their skills; ensure usage of skills in actual sales situations. To be the best seller, you also have to ensure the constant practice of skills. By repeating and honing existing or newly acquired skills, you can attain your objectives. Create an environment where learning and evolving skills is a continuous and ongoing process.