How to Improve Listening Skills to Win Your Audience

Active listening is one of those important skills that can help you win the hearts of your customers. Better your listening skills, better will be your sales conversations, and of course, the more deals you’ll win.  During IT recruitments, listening skill becomes a vital requirement. Therefore, you should master the art of listening to prospects. Listed below are a few powerful tips that can better your listening skill to win the customers or perform well during job recruitments.
Slow the Conversation Down
Salespersons, in most of the cases, are considered as talkative people having tons of ideas and opinions. But this particular characteristic sometimes may make the conversation quickly. Talking quickly can affect your relationship with your clients. They might lose interest in your service; even they can be stressed out too. So, you should articulate your thoughts at a steady but slow speed. Pause whenever the clients need clarification; ask questions to offer the best services and guide them properly.
Don’t Make Interruption
Interrupting is not only rude but also harmful to your performance. If you interrupt, you would miss out on something really important. You might be missing many other things that would help you understand the clients and their requirements in a better way. Even, sometimes, interruption makes the clients disturbed. So, during a conversation, keep patience, listen to your clients without making interruptions.
Clarify & Paraphrase
If you want your clients to open their heart to you, you should let them know you are listening closely. When the speakers will know you are attentively listening to them, they will appreciate them and feel free to share their stories with you and they will find your service more likable. You should try to paraphrase their thoughts in your own words to let them know that you are by their side and you are concerned about their difficulties and requirements. Sometimes, candidates are also asked to deal with clients during  job recruitments to assess how the candidates are listening, and paraphrasing the client’s needs.
Listen to Emotions
Sometimes words fail to express exactly what a person is feeling. In this case, it becomes hard to interpret the conversation over the phone because you are not allowed to read a person’s body language. Though it seems to be impossible, it is not. Even you can read their body language over the phone. How? Try to feel out their voice tone and stress levels. You can try to practice it during your conversations with your colleagues. It will help you learn how to recognize the volume, speed, and tone of people’s voices- these are the things that can indicate what the customers are feeling.
Ask Relevant Questions
It is important to ask relevant questions that can help you narrow down the issues your customers are facing. The main theory of sales is, after all, active listening to customers about their pains, and requirements. Based on the answers to these questions, you will be able to solve their problems.
You should ask these questions at the very beginning of the conversation which is often defined as the information-gathering phase. In order get a grasp over your clients; try to ask relevant questions about their problems and goals. It would be better if you can start the questions with “tell me”; for instance, “tell me how you want us to build the sales report?” This kind of questions prompts the clients to tell you about their preferred work-flow and the type of service they are expecting from you.
Remember Anecdotes
If you really want to stand out of your prospect, you need to remember even trivial nuances from the conversation. You would need to refer them later. Whenever you take notes during your conversation with a potential customer, you should include all the anecdotes so that you can follow them up later. These friendly references will help develop a strong relationship with your customers.
A Final Takeaway
If you can gain mastery over listening skill with the help of the aforementioned tips, engaging your customer will be no more a challenge to you. Even if you are a fresher, want to boost your performance in the job recruitment, you should better your listening skills to win your interviewers initially, and then win your customers. Learn to listen, engage to win!