Latest Recruitment Trends and Strategies

The year 2018 witnesses some game changers in the recruitment arena, along with a shift of observed trends. Globally sourcing the best candidates for critical roles will continue to be an essential competitive benefit.

The new, revolutionary technologies are contributing to resolving hiring challenges, and an important thing to consider is how we maintain the human element in experiences for everyone involved in the hiring procedure.
For Recruitment Agencies to ensure that the keep up with the technology, it is essential to know about the latest recruitment trends and strategies.

Accelerating Quality Hires

It is not just about bringing proactive sourcing and adopted candidate relationship management software to maintain and create a relationship with candidates. The focus has to shift on talent candidates as well.

The talent relationship management is to dive candidates into a holistic approach to engage, identify, and build talent networks.

A Social Recruiting Strategy is Important

Investing in social media strategies, increasing use of social listening tools, and recruitment marketing will help you reach the most stalwart laggards in 2018. Candidates are turning to social media and Science Recruitment Agencies must seek for the same.

Agility is Important over Experience

Longer lifespans make it challenging to shift from the idea of people with a single lifelong career to a span of experiences. It is essential to hire people who can adapt quickly to the altering face of technology, and rapid economic shifts will be vital for recruitment strategies in 2018 and beyond.

Mobile Hiring

A large number of people are using mobile devices, and this makes mobile a significant recruiting trend. In 2018, it is expected to for more organizations to adopt a mobile-enabled application process as companies intend to pace up to candidate expectations.

Artificial Intelligence Impacts Capacity and Skills Needed

HR teams have to get ahead of the curve here and understand the benefit of incorporating AI tools into their workflows, particularly recruitment. With numerous startups taking place, it is easier for the talent acquisition team to experiment and identify what works best for them.

The Gig Economy Impact

Self-employment will continue to impact workers. Hence, flexibility and the option to work remotely must be taken into consideration as it can influence the likelihood of accepting a position for new workforce entrants.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

While video has its importance for recruitment, virtual and augmented realities are likely to get air time with candidates and recruitment agencies in 2018. With AR being used, we will see Facebook, Apple, and Google all pushing for new apps to utilize the existing technologies. Candidate experience and attraction will witness early innovations like VR workplace, VR assessments, and interactive job advertisements using AR apps.

Using People Analytics for Decision Making

It is anticipated to increase resourcing and funding for dedicated people analytics teams in 2018. It is because having access to the insights people data can help companies get business as usual.

Considering Candidates as Consumers

Companies must consider their employees and candidates as consumers too. Hence, an interactive recruitment process must be carried to influence the company’s brand. The application process, employer branding, and selection tools must inform candidates about the culture, priorities, and purpose of candidates.

Hiring Top Candidates Using Technology

Using technology to identify top candidates is a must now. We expect to witness flourishing API ecosystems and more offers mashing AI Gamification, scientific research, and new technology into selection tools.

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