Everything You Need to Know about Post Interview Thank You Note

Do you know that a simple thank-you note can impact your chances of landing a job vacancy?  After conducting an interview, most of the interviewers expect a thank-you note from the side of the candidates. Many aspiring job seekers are not aware of the importance of an interview thank you note. If you are one of them, you are affecting the chances of being hired. 

Thank You Note to each Interviewer.

Because you are skipping to send the thank you note to the recruiters after your interview. Try the tips listed below to send the proper thank-you note. It will follow up on your candidacy and make you stand one step ahead of your competitors.

Interview Thank You Note within 24 Hour

The interview thank you note should be sent within the 24 hours of your interview. You should also ask each of your interviewers for a business card and confirm the spelling of their name and address before leaving the interview venue so that you can send them an interview thank-you message.

A Note to Every Interviewer

If you faced multiple interviewers in the interview panel, then you should send a thank you note to each of them individually. Don’t send a generic note to each interviewer because some companies request the candidates to forward the thank-you messages to the HR so that the HR can attach them to your file. In such a case, a generic message would have a negative impact on your recruiters.

Customization of Each Note

Each job vacancy is unique; not all the interviewers are the same. Therefore, each of your thank-you notes should be tailored as per the nature of the company and the personality of the recruiters. During the interview, you should take a note of what the recruiters like the most about you and later highlight those key points in your thank-you note. You should also use the little things you have come to know about the interviewers, such as a shared hobby or an upcoming tour etc. You can include this stuff in your thank-you note to highlight your attention to detail and make the thank-you note more special.

Refuting the Objections

If the recruiter raised an issue with hiring you, an interview thank-you note is the best way to refute the issue. You need to explain the issue in favor of you. Also, remind them of your skills and experience that can add value to their organization.

Company Culture-centric Note

Before sending the note, you should study the company culture very well. If the company is a bit conservative that takes pride in their tradition and aristocracy, then you should opt for a handwritten thank-you card. A card will take one or two more days after your email. So, it will help you catch the attention of the recruiters once again.

A Final Proofread

In this competitive market, you can’t afford even the smallest mistake. A single mistake in your thank-you note can knock out you. A final proofread is mandatory. Before clicking on the “send” button, you should read your interview thank you note very carefully from top to bottom. Next, start reading from the end of the note, check the spelling, grammar, and of course the tone of the message (it should be humble and professional). You can also ask someone good in English for a neutral opinion of the note.

Brief but Catchy

Your thank-you note should be a brief one while it should be catchy as well. You need to thank the interviewer for his/her time, highlight the key points of your conversation, and address any issue raised by the interviewer on your candidacy. You should also clarify the reason for your interest in this particular job vacancy. That’s all you need to include in your note; don’t overweight it with each of the details you have already mentioned in your resume.

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