Agencies in Recruitment

Importance of Agencies in Recruitment

Recruitment agencies can play an essential role in helping you find the right candidates for critical roles without placing undue stress on your Talent Acquisition team. The best staffing agencies will be able to surpass your expectations by making sure no prospective candidate reaches you unless they meet all of your requirements.

It is said that recruitment agencies came into existence sometime during World War II. However, that was in the West. In India, such a development occurred much later. Nevertheless, despite many doomsayers predicting the demise of the sector, it has proved its resilience. The advent of the internet and then of the social media, recruitment agencies did take a hit. Many organisations have started reaching out to prospective candidates directly through social media sites. However, this is not to say that the importance of recruitment agencies has gone down by any stretch of the imagination. Incidentally, the recruiting sector has registered a marked growth over the last few years. Primarily, a recruitment agency is any day far more knowledgeable about the human resource market than any employer is. After all, it is their business. No company has either the resource or time to conduct thorough research about candidates. Hence, it is sensible to hire a recruitment agency to perform the job of hiring specialised talent.

They are the experts in the field:
Recruitment agencies know everything about the hiring process. They have worked in the sector for years and had experience in the area. Over the years, they would have collected all the information about organisations. They know the qualification and the type of skills that a candidate needs to get into a particular company. These agencies have spent time building relationships with clients, and know what to say to whom. They give the candidates a clear picture of how the company works and the skills they need to possess for the role. They have contacts within the organisation, which will help the candidates get their applications in the hands of the right person without much trouble.

This is a crucial point that you need to consider while registering with a recruitment agency. You are doing it for better resources in less time. You are also paying to be mentioned to the candidates that come looking for jobs. Therefore, you need to make sure you are making the most of what you pay. The resources that you take from the agency should be giving you higher profits. The resource you want can be temporary, short term or you might need a solid long-term talent for the growth of your organisation. You need to make the right choice and hire the best and suitable ones.

Flexible staffing:
It is a burden to spend time on temporary staffing. They are the candidates who stay in a project for the short term and have not much experience or goals. As an employer, you cannot spend time on such staffing. This is when recruitment agencies appear. These agencies hire the desired employees for you. Having a handle on flexible staffing can mean that you can take them when one of your permanent employees is on leave or until you find a replacement for an old employee. Recruitment agencies can be of significant help in case of flexible staffing.

Candidates, not applicant’s:
Yes, there is a difference when you refer to job seekers as candidates or applicants. Job seekers who apply for jobs through various modes like, online, walk-ins, recommendations, advertisements etc. are called applicants. The ones that you filter out for further consideration are called candidates. There will be hundreds of resume for that one job. You need to filter out ineligible resumes and retain only the qualified ones. The resumes that are retained are called the candidates. However, the recruitment agency does this job for you. They give you only candidates and not applicants. They filter out applicants for you and send in just the ones who are eligible and have the required skills for the role.

Save time:
Recruitment processes can be exhausting for both the employer and the candidate. Recruitment agencies save you the time to find the perfect employee. As the agencies know your requirements, they make sure to send in candidates who are eligible so that you do not have to waste time on all the candidates that apply. They filter out the ones who will meet your requirement and understand the role of the job. It not only saves time but also provides you with the best of talent for your vacancy. Agencies can do all the preliminary processes for you and can send in the candidate for the final round. As this is what agencies do day-in and day-out, the process is faster and efficient.

Market knowledge:
Agencies are up to date with all the latest news, developments, and current affairs in the industry. They will know every change that is happening around them and will keep track of it very carefully. This will help you understand what’s going on in the market and give you an idea of how you may up your game in the marketplace. They will provide you with information on the latest trends and talents. Agencies will also keep you updated on any new startups and their growth; this will help you keep track of your competition.

Employer branding:
This is one major plus when you refer to a recruitment agency. Agencies build an impression of your organisation to the candidates who are looking for openings. They convey to the candidates the role expectation and the work culture of your organisation. Initially, they are the face of your organisation, what they depict of the organisation is what your company is in the eyes of candidates. It is vital for a candidate to know and understand the organisations’ culture before they even apply for a job. You need to know that candidates trust agencies because they have seen various organisations and have dealt with numerous recruiting processes; therefore, the agency needs to speak highly of your organisation for you to get more applicant’s and hires.

Less risk:
There are many pacts that you can make with the agencies for better employees and replacements. Many agencies give a guarantee of the candidates they provide, and in case the candidate resigns your organisation in a very short time, agencies will make sure to provide you with a replacement for free of cost as per the terms agreed. This way, there is less risk for you regarding your employees. The agency will take care of the recruitment, in case of an urgent requirement of a resource. This is not possible by the usual hiring method, as it takes much time to hire a candidate and you might not always end up finding the right one. Recruitment agencies have many contacts from which they can provide you with the best of the resource in lesser time.

More opportunities:
While registering your organisation with a recruitment agency, you will know that there are so many other ways of recruitment than the conventional one. This opens the door to so many new opportunities. The agency will be home to various candidates whose profiles are so different from each other. They will have resumes of candidates of all professions; therefore, you can rely on agencies for any talent you need at any time.

Extend reach:
A few candidates are hard to find. Even if they are not actively looking for opportunities, they can always be found with an agency. These kinds of candidates are called passive candidates, they are very selective and do not want to risk a job change or a career change, which does not mean that they are not talented. Some candidates are highly talented but, don’t look for the appropriate jobs because of various reasons. Recruitment agencies help in finding this kind of talent too. They have records of almost all types of candidates; this will assist you in finding the perfect one. Working with a recruitment agency also means that your organisation is now open to innumerable candidates.

Recruitment agencies can be an advantage if used effectively. As a recruiter, you do not have the time to do the hiring process for even the smallest role. Recruitment agencies look after most of the process and send in candidates who are the best of the lot to you for the final interview process. This reduces your time and effort. Recruitment agencies also offer various resumes to hire from. They make the complete hiring process so much simpler for you. Also, hiring a recruitment agency will bring in more applicant’s and increase the hires of your organisation. Your organisation will be noticed when in an agency. It is always best to go to a recruitment agency for better recruitment and to get more talent. They always give you the best of the mass. They also guarantee the resource they provide and help you with any replacements. The points mentioned above are some of the advantages of partnering with recruitment agencies.

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