HR’s Top Challenges in 2019

Human Resource Management or as most commonly called the HR Team is one of the most important teams in an organisation or a company. The various aspects of a company exclusively depend upon the Human Resource Team as it is solely their responsibility to manage the affairs of employees in the organisation. The HR team plays many vital roles in a company. It guides the management team in managing the team in such a way that they can convert it into a business resource. They maintain and hire employees, coordinate the various benefits of employees and suggest employee training as well as developments. HR’s top challenges in 2019.

Along with time, new developments have happened, and businesses are trying their best to cope up with the pressure. Therefore, the workload for the Human Resource Team has increased considerably in current times. The year 2019 is about to bring further challenges for the HR Management based on the growth in various domains. Let us analyse the difficulties that the Human Resource Team will have to face this year.

Workforce Training and Development: Not every employee provides efficient service to a company — some lack in particular knowledge and ideas which they should possess to be a good employee. Therefore, to cope up with the ever growing challenges, it is essential to introduce training and development courses for the low-level employees. HR’s problem in the year 2019 will be to make sure that the employees get fully trained through various training programmes and workshops. HR has to organise such schedules in the office premises or offsite or send employees for executive programs.

Obedience to Law: The HR team has to look into the fact that their company or the organisation is maintaining strict compliance with the law. Many big or small companies ignore the employment laws as they feel they will not apply to their companies. However, that should not be the case as they may land themselves into major troubles like lawsuit, audit and even closure of the company forever. Also though it is not easy to keep up with the pace of changing employment laws, the HR should make sure the company is following the local, state as well as the federal labour laws. Over time, rules will keep changing. The world is developing at a faster speed, and 2019 is going to face immense progress as well as many different changes, be it in the domain of legislature or lifestyle of the people. So keeping up with changing laws in this year will be a tough challenge for the HR.

Develop Leaders: Every team in a company will have a team leader, and they play a crucial role in managing there team. Moreover, every team will have different levels of progression. Some will prosper fast, and some will be running at a slower pace. The outcome of the groups depends upon the team leaders. There is often the existence of indifference between the team members and the team leaders which compel many to quit their jobs. So it is not easy to produce a talented leader. The Human Resource should introduce special leadership training programmes for them and assure the future leaders that they are valued. The HR team should make sure that the leaders feel connected to the organisation as it will eventually motivate them to stay put and develop them thereby transforming them into some good leaders.

Accepting Technology: Over time, technology is changing at a rapid speed. Adaptability to the new technologies is one of the concerns of the Human Resource Management. It should communicate with the employees regarding any technological change. In the current era of the 21st century, people have seen many new inventions and developments, from the emergence of Robotic to Hypersonic Transportation, from Human Cloning to Anti-gravity and Free-energy. This year will witness many such events, so HR’s challenges become tougher. To overcome those challenges, it can establish various training programmes for the employees which will help to adjust and make them feel comfortable with any new initiatives as well as technologies. This is one of the crucial challenges for the HR team which when fulfilled can take the company to new levels.

A Consistency between both candidate and employee experience: The HR team should make sure that both the candidate as well as the employee experience should be good enough to hire for the required and qualified candidates. If anyone of the two experiences goes wrong, it will bring a bad name to the organisation. If the employee experience is positive, but the candidate’s experience is ignored, he or she will not wish to continue with the recruiting process and will surely go about defaming the organisation. Moreover, if the candidate’s experience is good, but the company fails to maintain a consistency in their behaviour once the candidates are hired, the HR will not be able to retain their candidates for a more extended period. So maintaining consistency is a big challenge for Human Resource Management.

Health and Safety: Being healthy and safe is a must, and it can have spillover effects in every aspect of a person’s life. That is why Health and Safety are the two most visible challenges of the Human Resource Department. A healthy employee feels 67% more engaged as compared to the unhealthy ones, and his/her engagement eventually comes across as a significant benefit for the enterprise. Moreover, the employees of a company are valuable so their health and safety should never be taken for granted. The HR team is expected to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the employees of the company. They can do it by emphasising a sort of work-life balance, introducing stress-management programs as well as general wellness workshops inside the office premises.

Communication as well as Cultures: One of the biggest challenges that the Human Resource Team faces is generating dialogue which will eventually help in maintaining a healthy work culture. With growing competition among individuals as well as companies and organisations, people have begun to communicate lesser and lesser as they are mostly engrossed in meeting their expected ends. Therefore, this is going to the toughest challenge for the HR team. It is only through proper communication; ideas will come along, evolve and get enhanced. The HR has to make sure that there is an appropriate flow of communication between the members within a team as well as between the groups in the organisation. To generate discussion, the HR can prepare specific Communication Training or workshops to develop communication both verbally as well as in a writing mode among the employees.

Proper Management Of Time: The tasks of the Human Resource Team are never easy and are filled with many challenges. The HR members are expected to take up many different roles in an organisation. The bigger the organisation is, the tighter their job becomes. In the year 2019, they will face more significant challenges in this regard. They will have to do it all, from selecting qualified candidates, train them accordingly, create the organisation’s culture. They will also have to serve as ambassadors of their company brand along with making policies and employee relations. It is evident that there is a sheer lack of adequate time to do all these tasks in just a day. So rather than merely focusing on building powerpoints and managing only the paperwork, they will also have to put their emphasis on improving the employee’s performances. Balancing their diverse roles will help them manage their time.

Employee Engagement: Researchers have found out that Employee Engagement is going to be the biggest challenge for the HR officials in the year 2019. Employee Engagement does not mean employee satisfaction. It is an entirely different concept where efforts are made to analyse the relationship between the organisation, and it’s employees both qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The HR needs to make sure that the employee is entirely engrossed as well as enthusiastic about his/her work and is taking immense interest in helping the organisation grow further. Although Employment Engagement cannot be achieved overnight, it is a necessary aspect and cannot be overlooked. It can be realised eventually if the HR team employs different policies and procedures to ensure Employee Engagement in the organisation.

The life of HR professionals is never easy. It is always filled with challenges and struggles. In a way, their lifestyle can vary from time to time based on the company they are working for, the various teams and departments of the organisation as well as the employee performances. Going through emails, checking candidates’ profiles and picking the deserving one among them all, conducting interviews for them, these are tedious tasks. Moreover, it does not end there at all. They also have to train employees, handle employee complaints and keep up with changing laws. The year 2019 is bringing in many challenges for them, thereby making their tasks even more difficult.