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10 HR Secrets That Your Boss Want You To Know

Know how to play chess? Will succeed at work; well not literally but surely to some extent. When it comes to surviving in your profession, you need to put your best effort, diplomatic skills and some measured strategies besides good work. The Human Resource or HR executive department is your point of reference for any need. However, that’s not your shelter for rescue. So, let’s talk about the top HR Secrets!

HR Secrets!!!!

Let’s Face The Truth

Your organization says you are always welcome to the HR department whenever you feel an issue. You basically follow the same advice. And surprisingly, when you do so then you might get disappointed because they may listen to everything but not act on what they hear. You may be disheartened and decide to quit the organization. So your boss may want you to know a few facts about human resources personnel that may save you from the unwanted disappointment. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

  • Not always sympathetic –

When you take your problems to the HR executive, he or she may show their sympathy for the issue. But when it comes to addressing the issue, an HR executive will always stick to the company policy. He or she will see the problem from the company’s perspective only.

  • Designated to avoid risks –

You may approach an HR executive to help you in facing a particular problem. However, an HR will always want to and in fact, always play safe. If needed they will diplomatically avert the risk instead of facing it or helping you to face it head-on.

  • No equal treatments –

An HR executive responsible for retaining valued employees. So an employee who performs well will always receive favors and preferential treatment from the HR department. It’s a myth that they treat employees equally.

  • Managers influence appraisal –

Your appraisals are directly done by the managers. HR executive only communicates the same. So if you want to report any issue to the manager, it won’t work.

  • HR is the king – 

Do not go by what you are told. During joining the HR department may have made colorful promises but when you take your issues, ask for a hike or related things, they may not entertain you.

  • Diplomatic mediation –

If you are bullied or anyone faces a similar problem due to this, then don’t depend on the HR department. They will not call a spade but resolve the issue diplomatically.

  • HR data presentation –

If you ask an HR executive about why a particular position is still unoccupied, then they will have a ready set of data to show to prove the vacancy fill up rate is great.

  • Employee helicoptering –

Even when your HR behaves in the friendliest manner, they investigate about your, monitor your activities and related things. Seldom or never you can come to know about that.

  • Information under scanner – 

Be very careful about sharing your personal information, especially about your social life, with the HR. Keep your information and personal life as away from an HR as possible.

  • Trimming pressure – 

HR executive is, after all, employees of the organization. So when a recession hits the job market, even company may terminate HR executives.

To conduct yourself better in the workplace, you have to know the HR secrets. It lessens the burden on your boss. Knowing these also make you a smart employee.

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