5 Tips to Sell Relocation in Recruitment

Hiring process

Relocation is not always a very attractive perquisite while advertising for a position in the IT sector. You need an employee to work at a different location but cannot spare any member of your present team to fulfill this role. Often employers mention in the advertisement that the position is at another location. Chances are very few responses will come your way. Most people do not like to leave their comfort zone.

The best way to sell relocation to a candidate is to advertise for a normal job interview. After discussing what the job entails, employers can subtly offer relocation prospects to the candidate.  You can describe the benefits that await if the candidate is willing to relocate. In most cases, they would be willing.

A Trip to Search a New House

In IT recruitment, employees can enjoy two paid house-searching trips with the spouse in the new location. The cost covers transportation and meals.

Transporting the Household Goods

Make the relocation seem as smooth as possible is part of the hiring process. Naturally, you will offer to pay for the packing, moving and unpacking costs of reasonable household goods and one personal automobile. This would include the insurance coverage offered by the insurance company during transit. As part of an incentive, you can show your eagerness in paying for the 30 to 60 days of storage for the new hire’s household goods as required before the house is ready.

Makeshift Arrangement

If an immediate shift with the family is not possible for the new hire, especially in case of IT recruitment, offer six months of interim living for the new employee. Good arrangements for his lodging and meals with an extended stay in hotels or serviced apartments are ideal in such cases.

Short-Term Loan for a long Term Interest

The company can arrange for a bridge loan because the candidate could not sell his house before relocating. Therefore, the candidate can use the loan amount to invest in an immediate property to live with his family.

Act like Family

Remember that for an employee his family is most important. Offer to support the expenses of his children’s education in the new location and career assistance for his spouse.

Summary: Relocation may not be the best option you offer during IT recruitment but with complete assistance coupled with incentives, the hiring process becomes an attractive hiring solution.

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