Hiring in 2019 – Expectations from millennial talent

Millennial talent are taking over the world like never before! They want to run the world and are willing to do anything to get what they want. With the population of millennials that there is, how do you make sure you have made your mark on the recruiter? Recruiters are looking for fresh talent and have modified their hiring process for the millennials. This hiring process expects more talent and skill than just a degree or education qualification. It would help if you worked on applying your theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios to develop and improve skill. There are a few hiring trends that every employer looks for in a millennial to choose the perfect one.

A soft approach:
Recruiters look for candidates who have a soft attitude towards the position and the company. You need to possess a set of soft skills that attract the recruiter to hire you. Soft skills include work ethics, communication, next-level thinking and many more personality traits. Millennials grew up texting and communicating online. This means that their personal interactions are as good as Gen X-ers. You need to showcase your skills in the interview by making a healthy conversation with the recruiter. Your soft skills will be a vital part of the assessment during the hiring process.

Diverse skills:
If you want an employer to hire you apart from the other, you need to stand out from the mass. However, what makes you stand out? As a millennial, you mostly have no work experience. Therefore the only thing that the recruiter judges you is on your skills. A diversity of skills is not a difficult thing to ask for from a millennial. You need to possess diverse skills to make an impression in the eyes of a recruiter. Don’t settle for less, your profile needs to show that you are good at more than one thing. Put in every skill, ability and talent in your profile giving the employer more reasons to hire you.

Master a specific skill:
With all the skills that you possess, there is that one skill that drives you. You need to master that one skill out of all the others. It shows your focus and notifies the recruiter that you are serious about your career in that field. There are many ways to do this. First, think and analyse what your essential skills are, later pick that one skill that you know you love working. Now that you know and have clarity on what you want to do, master the skill. There are plenty of websites to learn from online and also so many offline training centres to attend to make yourself better. Once, you are an expert in a skill; then recruiters will not want to let you go.

Willingness to learn:
Learning is never-ending, and no person is a know-it-all, as a millennial need to be welcoming to new ideas and thoughts. You need to be open to new beliefs and ideologies and explore as much as possible. Giving the idea that you are willing to learn will fetch you extra points from the recruiter. Being a fresher, you need to understand that you haven’t seen the professional world yet; hence you need to accept changes and learn to cope up with it. Though you master a skill, there is always another way of doing it, and that’s what you need to learn. This quality of wanting to learn will help you explore many new possibilities and opportunities in your professional Career.

Now, this is a significant plus that adds to a millennials profile. For a fresher, recruiter would be more than impressed to see internships on your resume. It would help if you did an internship to lift your resume and make it stand out. Internships not only teach you new things, but they also act as work experience and give you an idea of how things work in the workplace. Doing an internship either online or offline will be a productive use of time and skill. You will get to learn and earn, and this is also a way to master that one skill that you need. Therefore, recruiters look into internships very closely during the hiring process.

You must put all your theoretical knowledge into practical use to master your skills. Building projects are the best way to do it. You can make a project of your choice on the subject of your interest, and this will help you explore more and give you an idea of how theoretical concepts get applied for practical use. Stepping out of college, you would have done tons of projects for various fests, exhibitions and a few practical submissions. These projects can help you gain a few points during the hiring process. Recruiters look for impressive things in a millennials resume as they have no experience. These projects will show the recruiter that you put the effort and made something all by yourself using your skills and strengths. Projects show hard work and dedication. You also need to mention the details on the project you made to interest the recruiter more into your resume.

Professional space will be new to you as you are a fresher, but, how you adapt to it is very crucial. The recruiter will look for adaptability as a critical skill on your resume. Being a millennial, you are expected to learn more and be flexible with the working hours. It would be best if you were moldable according to the company’s requirements. It would help if you were okay with the changing work conditions. You need to be able to get a solution for every problem and without panicking. It would help if you also were flexible with working hours and a team player. On the whole, you need to be open to change and variance.

Social media literacy:
Social media literacy is necessary for every millennial. In the world of internet and social media, you need to have a complete idea of how it functions. These days, the world revolves around social media, there are innumerable ways to promote the organisation online. It would be best if you acted as a critical resource in doing this. Being a millennial, you will have the complete sense of how social media works, therefore making you the prime staff for promotions or campaigns of the organisation. Social media literacy is a fundamental skill in the hiring process of 2019. Hence, make sure you ace it.

As basic as it sounds, not many millennials are at their top game of the skill. Communication is not just about talking. It’s about what you speak and how to say it. Millennials have their way of communicating things, but, there are a set of guidelines that need to follow in a professional space. Firstly, you need to sharpen your vocabulary and work on your voice modulation to make sure your points are effective and taken into consideration. It would help if you were clear in what you are saying, and everything needs to crisp and clear. A company runs on communication; hence, you do not want to mess it up here.

Hard work:
Hard work is the key to success. It would help if you were willing to work hard for yourself which in turn will reflect the growth of the organisation. Millennials are known to work smart; however, there is no substitute for hard work. It would be best if you could work hard as this will be your first job. Employers look for people who can devote as much time and can get work done under all circumstances. Employers need millennials who can work with the full involvement and hard work. It would be best if you were willing to learn and ready to go that extra mile to get things done.

Recruiters are modifying their hiring process as the expectations are now higher than ever. The millennials expect more from the organisation which in turn increases the demand for skills and excellence from them for the organisation. It would be best if you made a resume that stands out and makes an impression in the eyes of the recruiter. You need to strengthen both your hard skills and soft skills for a better chance of getting placed fast. You need to be on your toes all the while and need to take the initiative and be proactive to get the job of your expectations in an organisation you wish to work. All millennials need to keep in mind the above mentioned ten skills that they need to master to get hired. These are the skills that recruiters are looking for during the hiring process of a millennial in 2019.

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