Must Have Employee

What Does a ‘Must Have’ Employee Look Like?

Searching for a job is never easy. Submitting your CV and hoping that you make the cut is the easiest process in the book. Although, it might not be the most productive. You always have thoughts to be the best in this field. What does it need? Skills! Personality! Quick learning! In order to draw an employer’s attention, a candidate needs to work on a number of things. Let’s have a look –

Here’s a list of the personality traits that a ‘Must Have’ candidate possesses:

  • Versatile and Flexible:

Every busy office requires employees to multitask. In order to draw the management’s attention, employees need to display certain flexibility with their work and time schedule. Employees that do not consider the additional work as burden come off as team players.

During recruitment, a candidate needs to highlight their team-player skills in their CV, instead of mentioning irrelevant achievements. A resumé must highlight skills related to the job description. Creating separate sections displaying primary and ancillary skills help display a wide range of skillsets.

  • Self-Motivated:

Every employer wishes to employ self-motivated candidates. If you need daily prodding to get started on your responsibilities, you might as well quit thinking about that promotion. While hiring employees a recruitment manager needs to sniff out candidates that plan on performing the bare minimum to get by. Once a job seeker is portrayed as lazy the interview can only go downhill.

  • Quick Learner:

A quick learner is every employer’s dream catch. Jobseekers that are willing to pick up new skill sets while working are on every employer’s list. Additional skills that are important but unrelated to your field of operation are the icing on a cake. A basic knowledge of web development, social media management, blogging or internet marketing could be invaluable to employers. Highlighting your enrollment in a machine language course, for example, can lead to better visibility during the interview.

  • A leader of the Pack:

Leadership skill is THE important talent that a job seeker can hope to include in their CV. Organizations love to pick out candidates that not only take instructions but are also capable of sending instructions when the time comes. With time, the need for middle managers will arise and promote an employee from within the company’s ranks involve fewer risks than hiring outsiders.

While every employer has their unique search criteria, the basic requirements remain the same. By mastering the four skills mentioned above, a job seeker can empower their résumé to draw attention.

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