10 Basic Elements Recruiters Look For in Your LinkedIn Profile

Gone are those days when recruiters spent long hours on the pile of printed resumes. Everything is going digital, so is your resume. Moreover, today’s recruiters keep an eye on certain things in your resume. The first thing is your LinkedIn profile. If you know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in the right way, you are going to win half of the battle.
Listed below are ten things in your LinkedIn profile that can impress the recruiters.


Whenever recruiters visit your profile, the first thing they notice is the “headline” just under your name. The LinkedIn headline indicates how you are describing yourself professionally. For instance, if you are seeking for software development jobs, you should not describe yourself as “Result-oriented professional” because it would make many recruiters skip your profile even if your profile matches with their requirements.

In this case, “software developer”, “coder”, or “programmer” would be the right description for you. Moreover, you need to tell them that your skills are based on software development.

Profile Photo

The profile photo is very important for a platform through which you are going to interact with your clients. Whatever be the position, your LinkedIn profile photo must look like you; it should look professional and should give an impression that you are someone who can walk into a challenging situation confidently and rock it easily.

The photo does not matter a lot for the back office jobs, but it really matters for people-centric jobs like human resource manager, sales-executive or manager, human-relationship manager etc. In such cases, your profile photo needs to look friendly and engaging.


The summary is a set of short paragraphs, which appears at the top of your LinkedIn profile, between your photo and career history. In this section, you should clearly state what you do for your organization and how you do it. Instead of making it generalized, make it specific about your professional goals to reflect your passion for your work. Don’t exaggerate it with fake business terms’ it’s your story, so tell it in your own genuine voice and style.

Career History

In this section of career history, you should mention all the major stories of your professional life along with your accomplishments from each of your previous jobs.

Skill Listing

You should always keep updating your skill listing on your LinkedIn profile. Discretely pick the skills for which you want to be hired and ask your friends to endorse you for those particular skills. Don’t forget to include a skill that your recruiters should know you possess.

Education and Professional Credentials

You should make sure that each of your certifications, educational and professional courses, and training details on your LinkedIn profile. It will let the recruiters know that you possess the particular knowledge that can enrich their organization.


The recruiters tend to look at the set of recommendations in your profile. If you have not received any recommendation yet, you should write recommendations for the people you know. This is the best way of gathering LinkedIn recommendations from those people for whom you, too, are writing recommendations.

Professional Organizations

Recruiters are always eager to know where you worked earlier. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include the past organizations that you served. In fact, whenever you are changing a job, instantly update the information of your left job and key roles.


To provide the recruiters with a clear insight into your enhancements, you should upload images, presentations, videos, and other relevant documents. It will let you tell the world about your accomplishments. Focus on your portfolio; enrich it with materials that can appeal to your recruiters.


The network plays a vital role in your LinkedIn profile optimization. You should possess first-degree connections to be found on LinkedIn. If you want to strengthen your presence in the sphere of LinkedIn, you can write an informative and interesting article and post it on your LinkedIn profile. It will help you reach valuable connections.

A Final Takeaway
Here’s all that can help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract the recruiters. You are only a few clicks away from an impressive LinkedIn profile. Don’t waste a single minute, let’s start working on it!

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