Future of Customer Engagement - customer service

What’s the Future of Customer Engagement.

According to a number of recent reports, contact centres, these days, employ millions of people worldwide and they are likely to grow by 10% per year. You might consider it as counter-intuitive. The marketers are now suggested to do “more with less” which is no doubt a daunting task.

Moreover, the advanced technology has automated a large portion of what these customer care centres do. Online chats available on the websites, bot interfaces on the messaging apps are being used to answer the customer’s queries with the help of artificial intelligence instead of a customer-care unit led by living beings. Now, the question is- in the midst of these great threats to employment, how do the recruitment agencies and customer engagement centres maintain their growth. If you look at the statistic stated above, you would find the stat entirely in their favour.

Future of Customer Engagement – customer service

This article is going to discuss the future of customer-engagement to help the marketers keep their growth intact in the upcoming years.

Three factors have been listed in this article that should be taken into consideration to secure the future of customer engagement:

Privacy Concern

In this digital era, marketers analyze the online behaviour of their customers to understand their requirements and purchasing trends. They keep an eye on what is most likely to click on the customers, what the customers are doing on their brand website etc.

As per recent data published by the Pew Research Center, customers are quite comfortable with the businesses to share this data. Further, this study revealed that only 8% of consumers prefer to keep their purchasing data as “very sensitive”.
To adopt the automated customer engagement centres, the companies, businesses will need to gather and analyze much more customer engagement data.

The customer service algorithms will need to back by captured emails, texts, and phone calls. As it has stated earlier that many customers consider the data as sensitive ones, the businesses are not getting hold of the data. This privacy concern, even in the upcoming years. Will keep away the automated services and supply oxygen to customer engagement centres. Therefore, marketers need to hire customer service representative to offer their services.


Is the latest technology all set to adopt automation for customer engagement? For any marketer, the answer is “no”. Many market pundits have stated that the customer engagement data is not statistically accurate all the time. Automated customer service led by incorrect data can harm the brand; even it can take the business to the verge of its end.

Therefore, most of the marketers opine that the businesses should head towards automation incrementally. The use of new technology to function customer engagement should conduct piece by piece. Also, not all at a sudden and at one time.

For instance, brands which receive a lot of social media inquiries should start automated responses on social platforms in the initial stage of introducing automated customer engagement function. These automated responses will inform the customers exactly when they will be provided with a comprehensive and manual response from a customer service agent.

Unanswered Questions

A group of market experts has raised a few questions regarding the automation of customer engagement which are still unanswered. These questions are:

  • Is it possible for the automation technology to sort out the consumer’ questions and put them into well-defined categories?
  • Do the businesses understand the customers’ problem fully to respond to them automatically?
  • Is it possible to predict confidently that the future prospect will deal with the same questions and issues again?

When businesses will be able to answer these questions on a positive note. The customer engagement automation will take no time to implement fully. In the current scenario, there is still a number of doubts and uncertainty about customers’ requirements. Even if the businesses overcome the privacy issue and technological concerns. They will be struggling to hire automate customer engagement due to these confusions, according to a large group of marketers.

A Final Takeaway
To make the future customer engagement automated. The brands need to concentrate on how to improve their understanding of the consumer by methodical tracking of the customers. Also, questions and other issues they face.

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