Gigantic Influences Of Consumer Behaviour and Improve your Target Audience

Four Phases of Modern Consumers’ Purchasing Journey

It is impossible for the marketers to reach their goals when they are not aware of their target-audience (Target Audience) and the way these people make purchases. Creating a buyer persona and understanding the target audience has always been an integral part of traditional marketing.

But this is no more the same as it was a few years ago. Consumer-behaviour (Consumer behaviour) is ever-evolving and it is changing every day. In fact, due to globalization, businesses have been successful in making potential customer base worldwide. Customers from different parts of the world mark difference from each other. Therefore, marketers should understand exactly how the customers are purchasing and with whom the customers are consulting. Apart from these, the marketers should also understand how to prepare their brand to deal with this changing customer behaviour.

Gigantic Influences Of Consumer Behaviour and Improve your Target Audience.

In this article, we will try to explore the behaviour of modern customer- how they’ve been changing and how the brands should deal with these changes to get ahead of the curve.

The behaviour of Modern Buyers:

Earlier, consumer behavior was seen and analyzed by four parameters- brand awareness (how aware they are of your brand), consideration (which kinds of businesses they take into consideration), final decision they are taking, and their response (reaction to your offerings). But things now have become much more complicated due to the evolution of buyers’ purchasing experience in the past few years. Nowadays, the wide range of products and widgets compels the consumers to conduct multiple rounds of research before taking the final decision of making the purchase.

With the advent of the technology, modern customers are continuously learning about the new offerings from various channels and devices. There are almost 200 social networking platforms that keep the customers updated on the latest offers and deals. Moreover, there are many review sites, tons of content marketing offerings and endless products which can be used anytime, anywhere via smartphones. Therefore, consumers hire a brand only after going through a lot of research.

Four Phases of Modern Consumers’ Purchasing Journey

Modern consumers purchase in a more complex way. Market pundits have identified four phases of consumer buying journey based on time and capital. Let’s have a look at these phases.

1. Initial Consideration

When the consumer initially considers a set of brands based on the perceptions of the brands and exposure to recent touch points.

2. Active Evolution

When consumers hire or discard brands as per their evaluation of the products.

3. Moment of Purchase

This is the moment when the consumer selects a brand at the moment of making a purchase.

4. Post-Purchase Experience

When the purchase is done, the consumers develop expectations based on their experience which influences their next step- whether they will be purchasing from the same brand in the future or not.

A Final Takeaway

Now, you might be thinking about how to address these changes in the consumer behavior. Let’s draw the conclusion with some of the most-effective tips that can help you:

  • Rethink your media mix. Adopt an orchid retailer that has developed its target audience by providing relevant and engaging contents. Don’t forget to create watering reminders and send to the customers via text or email.
  • Invest in channels best suited for your business. Every brand needs to be a part of the conversations taking place in your respective industry, both online and offline. These channels are the right places for developing relationships with the industry leaders and category influencers who are ruling these conversations.
  • Ask influencers to promote your products. Many businesses are now hiring influencers to promote their brand. Always remember that first-hand experiences and recommendations have a greater impact on the customers. Therefore, you must ask influencers to promote your brand in order to prepare the ground for credibility and customer loyalty.

Is there anything else we are missing here? Please feel free if you have any other ideas!

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