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Benefits Of Having Multiple Resumes Aligned To Job Roles

Multiple Resumes

A resume sums up a job seeker’s eligibility, skills, qualifications and experiences. It is a preliminary document that projects an employee. An accurate, precise and well-defined resume can improve the job seeker’s chances of securing an interview. An ill-designed resume can eliminate your chances of getting a job. With the competition in the job market[Read more…]

Your Resume Needs Optimisation To Beat The Bots

applicant tracking system

A resume is the only piece of information an organisation possesses about you. It represents you as an applicant or job seeker. A resume is a document that sums up a job seeker’s achievements, skills and qualifications for the job they are interested in. It is a tool to market yourself to potential employers. It[Read more…]

Is customising your resume a good thing or having two different?

customising Resume

Your resume is you on a piece of paper for the recruiter. It needs to reflect your personality as a person and give your professional skills the limelight. We often advise people,¬†customising your resume for each job that they apply for help, rather than having a generic resume for everything. This makes the resume more[Read more…]

How to make your resume ATS friendly?

ATS friendly Resume

Employers use various systems and processes to hire candidates. One of the processes being actively used to screen candidates is Application Tracking System(ATS). It is a process where the recruiters will not see your resume in the initial stages of recruitment. They will have bots which will scan your resumes based on the requirement fed[Read more…]

How to Make a Resume With No Work Experience Stand Out

Resumes carry the whole and sole responsibility for your job application to get shortlisted in an organisation. It gives a summary of your education, skills and past work and provides the recruiters with an idea of what to expect from you and what are your expertise and capabilities. This article will help you with tips[Read more…]