How to Make a Resume With No Work Experience Stand Out

Resumes carry the whole and sole responsibility for your job application to get shortlisted in an organisation. It gives a summary of your education, skills and past work and provides the recruiters with an idea of what to expect from you and what are your expertise and capabilities. This article will help you with tips on how to prepare your Resume with No work experience for success. (more…)


Best tips on how to get an impressive resume in 2019

The first step towards getting employed needs much preparation. You might either want that first job in your life or a job change for a fresh new start. In both the cases, you need to create the best of the first impression while presenting yourself to the professional world by showcasing your talents, your strengths and what you are good at. In that matter, a Resume comes handy. (more…)

Tips to Get a Call from Your Recruiters

4 Tips to Get a Call from Your Recruiters

ATS Friendly Resume– Get a Call from Your Recruiters

You find your dream job online, submit your updated resume, and then you spend days on a hope that you will be called for an interview. Often, you fail to receive any call and it leaves you haunting the answer to the question -“What’s wrong?” The answer lies in your resume itself. You as a job seeker, don’t know that an automatic system is reviewing your document today. It’s called the Applicant Tracking System or ATS(more…)

references in resume

Should Job Seekers include their references in resume or not?

Most of the applicants are hesitant over the references, whether the applicants should place references in their resume or not. It’s a very tough factor to decide that resume references are okay to include or not! Does it really carry a good impression! If you are an applicant, you will be able to relate to this situation easily.