Digital content

Web Strategy: Attracting and Retaining website visitors using digital content.

Technology has taken over the world. You can now reach to the world in the click of a button. Everything about your organisation is digital. Anyone can see it anywhere, anytime. With the abundance of resources and platform comes zillions of organisation’s who also want to make their mark in the marketplace. With so many organisation’s always posting and discussing things, how will your organisation’s content stay on top? (more…)

Pitfalls of Online Marketing or Internet Marketing- How to avoid the Pitfalls?

3 Common Pitfalls of Online Marketing – How to avoid the Pitfalls

The internet has already been flooded with a lot of articles discussing the importance of online marketing. But only a few articles might be concerned about the pitfalls that can destroy your online marketing or Internet-marketing campaign. Even a single hole in your internet marketing campaign can be disastrous for your brand. (more…)