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The Right Way to delegate or Delegation of authority.

Learn the right way of Delegate or Delegation of authority.

To do something right, you must do it yourself. Power is one’s ability to direct the behaviour of others. Authority legitimises that power. However, as human beings, we often misuse that authority, to our disadvantage. Either we exercise too much of it which makes employees feel suffocated or too little of it that it fails[Read more…]

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Development of Society Through Education

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Development of Society Through Education

Corporate Social Responsibility originated from the revelation that businesses do not exist in a vacuum but are an integral part of society. They are co-dependent, and neither can succeed at the expense of the other. A company’s profits are no longer the sole metric to judge its success; brand loyalty and community welfare and outreach programs[Read more…]

Prepare Your Employees Today to Make the Future Prosperous

Prepare Employees For Bright Future

Training and Development. The future of work has always been uncertain; no one can predict what is going to happen in the next moment. Therefore, it is important for industry leaders to prepare their employees for the future. The best way to prepare them is to enable them to see the possibilities with different perspectives.[Read more…]

3 Most Effective Tips on Driving Sales Efficiency with Transparency

3 Most Effective Sales strategy with Transparency - sales marketing

Sales experts are captivated by the new concept of transparency and accountability. It’s true that acquiring transparency is not an easy thing. Also, it is not impossible to achieve. Often industry leaders hire a group of sales managers to play the game in the best way and assure big deals at the end of every quarter.