An entry-level job today has specifications of a few years of work experience.

As bizarre as the title sounds, it is true that most organisation’s today ask for work experience for an entry level job. Going by the words, an entry-level job position means the first job. So, how can the recruiters ask you for your work experience when you haven’t had any? This raises much confusion in the mind of freshers. They need a job to get the experience. However, recruiters need to see your expertise to give you a role. There must be a way to get through this. Recruiters have a purpose behind every job description that they post. Hence, how do you apply for organisation’s who demand work experience when you don’t have any? Do you have to give up on them? Alternatively, is there a way you can get through this condition? (more…)


Smart Tactics to ease your Job search

A job is the most basic requirement for any individual to sustain life as it is the only way to earn a living. However, the process of finding the right job is a tedious and exhausting one unless you strategise and plan according to your needs, keeping in mind the skills that you possess. There are many ways to go job hunting, online applications, walk-ins, references to name a few. To find which is the best Job search option for you. Here are ways to make your job-hunt smart, comfortable and active. (more…)


Tips To Overcome Negative Thoughts When You Are Not Getting placed.

Rejection can never be easy. It has never served anyone well in the general scenes. Rejection carries with it all the potentials to take the best of our minds and break us apart. However, is it inevitable? The answer will be a crystal clear “No”. You can never get away from rejections. The life is way too chaotic and is filled with struggles. No matter what, every person necessarily has to go through the evils of rejection at some point in their lives. However, the question arises as to how to counter rejection? Since we can never avoid it, we should know the necessary steps to protect ourselves from getting harmed by rejection. (more…)


Steps to be followed while searching for a Job in 2019

Job hunt was never really easy in the earlier times, and it still isn’t now, in fact, it has become even more difficult in the current world of technology. Searching for a suitable job to sustain on the planet is itself more like a job in a way. It requires adequate time, efforts as well as commitments. In this current time of immense competition, it demands from us special skills, careful planning and preparation to get a job. (more…)

Ways to plan a marketing strategy to find a new job

5 Ways to plan a marketing strategy for your job search.

Don’t feel demotivated in case you did not receive any positive response to your job application on the online job portals. The reason is, you did not plan a marketing strategy for your job search. Yes, it’s a trick of the trade. Marketing strategies are superior options to sell something. In this case, you’ll have to sell your skills and abilities in so that they are attractive for the recruiters. (more…)

Tips to Get a Call from Your Recruiters

4 Tips to Get a Call from Your Recruiters

ATS Friendly Resume– Get a Call from Your Recruiters

You find your dream job online, submit your updated resume, and then you spend days on a hope that you will be called for an interview. Often, you fail to receive any call and it leaves you haunting the answer to the question -“What’s wrong?” The answer lies in your resume itself. You as a job seeker, don’t know that an automatic system is reviewing your document today. It’s called the Applicant Tracking System or ATS(more…)


10 Basic Elements Recruiters Look For in Your LinkedIn Profile

Gone are those days when recruiters spent long hours on the pile of printed resumes. Everything is going digital, so is your resume. Moreover, today’s recruiters keep an eye on certain things in your resume. The first thing is your LinkedIn profile. If you know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in the right way, you are going to win half of the battle. (more…)

Enlist the Services of an Educational Consultant

Why Should You Enlist the Services of an Educational Consultant

Each year, more and more students graduate high school and college worldwide. As a consequence, the demand for high-quality prospects in higher education has exploded in the last few years. So as the competition of college admissions has increased. The situation of the education sector has shifted considerably in the light of this. (more…)