The Ultimate Interview Guide

Everyone is aware of the phrase ‘first impression matters.’ However, in its real sense, it’s not just a phrase and has more to it. It encompasses your first appearance impression to your know-how about the job and the final talk before being hired.
For that, you need to know precisely how well you fit for that position. Here are some tips for a pro-like interview hit. (more…)


Everything You Need to Know about Post Interview Thank You Note

Do you know that a simple thank-you note can impact your chances of landing a job vacancy?  After conducting an interview, most of the interviewers expect a thank-you note from the side of the candidates. Many aspiring job seekers are not aware of the importance of an interview thank you note. If you are one of them, you are affecting the chances of being hired.  (more…)

Things an HR Notices While Interviewing Job Seekers

Top 5 Things an HR Notices While Interviewing Job Seekers

Interviewing candidates for a position in a company is a grueling task for the managers. Because factually it consumes lots of their energy. The recruitment process starts with sifting through hundreds of CVs and selecting a few that make the cut, and then the interview. And finding that right person out of it is tedious. While thinking of getting jobs or getting selected in interviews, our mind goes through numerous factors. (more…)