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HR’s Top Challenges in 2019

Human Resource Management or as most commonly called the HR Team is one of the most important teams in an organisation or a company. The various aspects of a company exclusively depend upon the Human Resource Team as it is solely their responsibility to manage the affairs of employees in the organisation. The HR team plays many vital roles in a company. It guides the management team in managing the team in such a way that they can convert it into a business resource. They maintain and hire employees, coordinate the various benefits of employees and suggest employee training as well as developments. HR’s top challenges in 2019. (more…)


Candidate experience tips for better recruitment in 2019

While there are many options for job seekers to apply for a job, a candidate experience can change the complete perspective of an organisation. The way you conduct your recruitment process says a lot about your organisation. Recruiters need to understand that it’s not just the employees that need consideration, even job seekers need to be taken seriously. Every candidate that comes to your organisation needs to be treated respectfully. Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers react to employers sourcing, hiring and onboarding processes.  (more…)


The Benefits of using pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment assessments are being used in all aspects of the business world today. The quality of employees that you hire makes the organisation what it is. Therefore, you always look for the best. As a recruiter, you need to be very clear about who you are recruiting and why. Hiring employees can be a tedious job if not done systematically. There is a fundamental process to hire the best candidate out of the lot. Every employer needs to follow a few necessary steps to find that perfect employee, and a pre-employment test is the most crucial step for a recruiter in the process of hiring. It gives the recruiter the power to filter out candidates in a considerable number while bringing in objectivity in the hiring process. (more…)


Hiring in 2019 – Expectations from millennial talent

Millennial talent are taking over the world like never before! They want to run the world and are willing to do anything to get what they want. With the population of millennials that there is, how do you make sure you have made your mark on the recruiter? Recruiters are looking for fresh talent and have modified their hiring process for the millennials. This hiring process expects more talent and skill than just a degree or education qualification. It would help if you worked on applying your theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios to develop and improve skill. There are a few hiring trends that every employer looks for in a millennial to choose the perfect one. (more…)

Top Employee Development Trends | Workforce Development | Executive

Top Employee Development Trends in India. Latest methods for workforce development.

What’s new? Right from clothes, music, and food to education, people make decisions based on current trends. Even, business leaders follow economic and market trends to stay ahead of the competition. Employee Development and Workforce Development also need to be considered on similar lines.