The career trends that will define 2019

Aiming for a career in life is the ultimate motive of humankind as it gives the necessary push to sustain on the planet. In a way, it is the sole reason which demands extensive hard work from the bottom of one’s life, shapes and governs it to realise its end in future. However, what exactly a career is? what are the latest career trends? (more…)


Customer Experience v/s Buying Behavior

I was driving on my way to home, and at a traffic signal, I saw people selling toys, car wipes and some little Indian Tricolor. What intrigued me was that people who were sitting in their Porsches and Audis were negotiating with these sellers. Now let me tell you something about these sellers – they are not representing any brand or part of a retail sales team of a shopping mall. (more…)

Effective things to improve communication skills

Importance of having proper communication skills

Communication according to the experts is considered to be an act of trying to convey meaningful information with regards to a person. This can be in the written form (making use of digital or printed media like magazines, books, emails or websites), vocally (making use of voice), visually (making use of logos, graphs, charts or maps) or non verbally (making use of gestures, body language, pitch and tone of voice). (more…)