The career trends that will define 2019

Aiming for a career in life is the ultimate motive of humankind as it gives the necessary push to sustain on the planet. In a way, it is the sole reason which demands extensive hard work from the bottom of one’s life, shapes and governs it to realise its end in future. However, what exactly a career is? what are the latest career trends? A career is defined differently from diverse perspectives. For some, the whole concept of employment may play the role of a career. For others, it could take the total of different jobs a person may hold in his or her life span. However, if we go deep into the realm of the term career, it can be defined as the total of all the decisions that shape our educational, social, economic, spiritual ventures as well as reflect our personalities in life.

Choosing a career in life is one of the most toilsome jobs. Eventually, every move in one’s life will have its impacts on the career. So it is very much essential to plan well and early with adequate guidance and proper knowledge.

The career paths have increased in number over time. Many different career ideas are discovered due to extensive technology development. Different domains have opened up a large number of career options for the current generation and the generations to come soon as well.

If you’re going through that tough phase in your life where you are so much bothered about your career and you have no clue as to which direction to choose, here are some of the trending career paths for the year 2019, that you can embrace with learning and developing skills :

  1. Big Data Developer: A Big Data Developer is one of the new career paths trending worldwide. It requires adequate experience in software engineering before moving into getting involved in the big data field. A big data developer or engineer is needed to build whatever the big data solutions architect designs. A Big Data Developer helps companies in delivering high-quality IT service management. The numerous advantages of the Big Data Technologies have convinced many companies to adopt this technology, and as a result of this, it has enabled many career-oriented beings to seek career opportunities in this field.
  2. Python Developer: The core responsibility of a Python Developer is to write server-side web application logic. They develop back-end components, connect the application with the other web services, as well as support the front-end developers by combining the work with the Python application. Python has opened up the most promising and reliable career opportunities among all the other existing programming languages. To secure a career as a Python Developer, the candidate must have experience in this type of integrated programming language.
  3. Digital Marketing Specialist: With innovations and internet availability all over, there is a burning term in the domain of career which is hovering all over, and it is called “Digital Marketing”. Digital Marketing skills is in immense demand in this present digitised generation. The globe is flooded with million digital jobs, but there is a scarcity of employees with adequate digital marketing knowledge. Therefore, people who have a specialisation in the realm of Digital Marketing are blessed with opportunities in abundance. Digital Marketing Specialists are blessed with a handsome salary as compared to their peers because the demand for Digital Marketing Professionals is exceeding its supply. Therefore, the value of the product increases along with the price in economic terms and the specialists can always negotiate and settle for high-paid occupation.
  4. Create Artificial Intelligence: If you are a literature graduate and waiting for that one unique career to come your way, here is good news for you. You can create Artificial Intelligence. Let us take the example of Siri. Who do you think puts in words to her mouth? Of Course the writers. As a literature graduate, the employee will be well acquainted with amusing statements and dialogues which can be used for the digital personal assistants. In a way, it is the writers who give life to them and enable them to answer critical questions at ease. In the world of internet and immense growth in scientific technology, literature graduates can surely prosper in creating artificial intelligence. Therefore, as a literature student, you can always seek your career in this domain.
  5. Construction Management: Construction Management is one of the most sought for career options in the current times. The construction project management field is of high demand because it gives an opportunity to the high-achieving workers to employ inventive and unconventional solutions to gruelling issues. This enables them to excel in their roles to a greater extent.
    The core responsibility of a project manager in the field of construction is to plan as well as schedule projects. Managing contractors and client relationships as well as a part of their role as a project manager in this field. Furthermore, they have to make sure that the construction projects finish on the correct time and the decided budget.
    The construction management can serve as a wise career option in today’s era where millions of projects remain pending for years and cost a substantial amount then it should. Being a project manager one can utilise his knowledge into the field and excel greatly.
  6. Financial Planning and Analysis: Financial Planning and Analysis can come across as a rewarding career path for those who are enthusiastic to take up high-risk Jobs. Financial Analysts are paid well, and they enjoy their job as it is an exciting career path. They perform extraordinarily comprehensive and essential financial modelling which are used for executive decision making. One of the primary reasons why this field is one of the best career fields is that this department is typically stable. One will seek a Financial Planner and Analyst both in good as well as bad times. Therefore, as there is a terrible requirement of job security due to frequent and untimely layoffs happening in most companies. Either big or small company, the financial planning and analysis department is a safer bet with a handsome salary.
  7. Computer Information Systems Manager: Grab a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree and set your feet into the world where you get to earn enough to enjoy a respectable as well as a lavish lifestyle. Mere five years of experience as a Computer Information Systems Manager can make the professional’s information technology leaders. They can get placed in reputed companies and draw attractive packages. This profession is doing well and is in increasing demand. It is expected to have a rapid growth of 15 per cent in the next ten years. Also, expected to create around 50,000 new jobs in this particular field by the year 2022.
  8. UX Designer: The field of UX designing has a towering scope in the year 2019 and further. Since this is an era of gadgets, constant overflow of the internet, and digitisation, there is barely any companies or organisations which has not gone digital. Therefore, they are not only focusing on designing but designing for convenient user experience. This is what makes the scope of UX Designer tremendously vast today. The UX Designers are not merely restricted to contributing in the development of products, but they help as well as participate in the project. This suggests that UX designers are proceeding towards being in high-demand in the generations to come. Therefore, this field can be an advantageous and cost-effective Career option for the current and upcoming generations.
  9. Software QA Engineering: Software QA Engineering is a field which is highly in demand in this age which is flooded with software products now and then. To Deliver high-quality software products, it requires testing of that software at developments.
    Moreover, it also requires acceptance and release levels. There is a higher demand in this field because of the immense growth and development in the sector of Information and technology. Software Testing has become a burning topic among all as it seeks its place in almost every field. It poses as one of the judicious career options for the youth of today’s generation.
  10. Policy Analyst: If you are a political science major and are wondering which career option to take up, here is a piece of good news. You can surely opt for being a Policy Analyst. A Policy Analyst has to execute their knowledge and work experience gained during their education phase. Since they are well acquainted with the procedures which are required to initiate and generate public policies and the imputations of different policies, they can excel in their role as a Policy Analyst.

    Choosing a perfect career is not easy. However, with proper analysis and preparation, one can surely succeed. It is an age of digitisation and internet for which many new doors of career have opened up. One only needs to be a wise seeker and grab the best opportunity.

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