Candidate experience tips for better recruitment in 2019

While there are many options for job seekers to apply for a job, a candidate experience can change the complete perspective of an organisation. The way you conduct your recruitment process says a lot about your organisation. Recruiters need to understand that it’s not just the employees that need consideration, even job seekers need to be taken seriously. Every candidate that comes to your organisation needs to be treated respectfully. Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers react to employers sourcing, hiring and onboarding processes. 

Having a great candidate experience is significant. Good candidate experience can get you more applicants and hires. Also, focus on building your online Employer branding and ask employees to share their experiences.

Here are a few tips to get a great candidate experience.

Clear job description:
Job descriptions are the most critical document that the candidates look for during their job fitment evaluation. A clear and accurate description of the job can get you more applicants. You need to list out the everyday task of the role offered. A good job description involves all details like role explanation, salary range, perks and benefits. You need to keep your description crisp and clear. Make the format of the description easy to read and understand. The first thing that attracts the candidate to apply for a job is the job description, therefore, make it attractive.

Improve the career site:
A candidate does not directly apply for a job after reading your job description. They will take the next step after they find the job description impressive that is, to visit your career site. Job seekers visit your career site for detailed information about your organisation. Your career site needs to answer all the questions one might have about your company. You need to deliver relevant and informational content to the candidates for a better understanding of the organisation. You need to make sure candidates find information quickly, and they have a great experience going through the site. It is essential to have an outstanding website to draw candidates to apply for your organisation.

Train your Talent Acquisition team:
A lot depends on how the interviewers conduct themselves. As a recruiter, you need to assure the candidate a pleasant and professional experience when they come in for an interview; you need to train your team on the questions that need to be asked. Your approach to a meeting can either interest the candidate or scare him away. Therefore, it all comes down to how that interview went. As important as the discussion is for the candidate, it is for the recruiter too. Even if the candidate wants to join an organisation as soon as possible, he will not consider taking the offer if he does not get a good impression of the organisation in the interview. The interviewers project the organisation in an interview, Therefore train your team well.

Challenge candidates:
Top candidates appreciate challenges. They believe that when an organisation asks questions that are challenging, it tends to hire the best ones. It sets high standards for the organisation. This also means that when you challenge your candidates to do better, it brings out the best in them and they tend to put in more effort and perform better. This is an advantage for the employer in both the ways, first, it adds so much value to your standard of selection, and second, it makes sure that the most eligible candidate is hired. This is one of the best ways to add some excellent candidate experience to your organisation.

Simplify the process:
Conducting the hiring process in the simplest way possible is essential. Job seekers apply to a number of organisations during their job hunt; therefore, it is best to keep the processes to a minimum for the best experience. Most job seekers quit in the middle of filling out a job application because of its length or complexity. The candidates need to understand every test and screening that they are going through. Removing extra steps will increase the ability to hire the best talent. This is primarily for all the passive candidates who are in a dilemma of changing jobs. More straightforward and shorter processes can get you more applicant’s as talent. Lengthy selection processes make the candidate experience poor.

Make interviews conversational:
This is the key element to excellent candidate experience. A good conversation will get you top talent, while a bad one can be a drawback in your recruiting process. An interview decides the standard and environment of an organisation. A negative meeting can change the mind of a candidate even if he once liked to join the organisation. However, a positive interview can change a candidates mind about a role they once doubted. You need to keep the discussion conversational, making the candidate feel comfortable in expressing their views and asking questions. A great interview needs to be short, to the point, without beating around the bush. It needs to address essential details like the chances to learn and explore. Also, mention about the work culture and the opportunities that are given to employees to achieve goals on a professional level.

Survey the candidate at every stage:
It is crucial to send the candidate a survey to understand your hiring process better. Send a feedback request to the candidates who exited during the selection process and ask them very few questions about the hiring process they went through. Ask a set of five questions about the overall experience, the interview and thoughts on the recruitment process. You can also ask them if they would apply for any openings that came up later. The questions can also ask if they would recommend the organisation to a friend. All the answers to these questions will give you a clear idea on your recruitment process, based on which you can make necessary changes for better candidate experience.

Promptly send rejection emails:
Holding onto sending rejection emails can be one of the main reasons for bad candidate experience. If you do not wish to take the resume further, you should inform the same to the respective candidate to keep things clear and defined. It is always best to send an honest opinion than say nothing at all. Most candidates appreciate it for being honest and for letting them know soon. This keeps them informed and helps them in applying for other organisations. It saves time for both you and the candidate. Therefore, it is best to send rejection emails than keep them waiting. Most candidates respect this gesture.

Ditch email and pick up the phone:
This actually makes a considerable impact on the candidate experience. Emails are the conventional way of doing this, but why settle for something less when you have so many options? It is always great to call the candidate to give an update about the process or even to inquire more about the application. Candidates find it very impressive when the organisation takes out time to call its applicants for updates or confirmations. In addition to the personal touch that it gives to the recruitment process, it also makes communication much easier and faster. Neither of you has to wait for a reply by text, it all happens in that five-minute phone call. Therefore, it is always better to call than email for a short conversation, though email keeps a record of the conversation.

Measure your successes and failures:
Just taking in feedback does not benefit the organisation in any manner. As a recruiter, you need to measure your candidate experience and make changes according to the input. You need to take criticism just the way you receive compliments, a few candidates might like the way you handled recruitment, but a few might think differently. Take in every feedback you get, positive or negative and assess them frequently to know the direction you are headed in. Read all the surveys and implement any ideas or suggestions given by the candidates for a better experience. The best way of achieving a great candidate experience is by sending surveys and implementing the changes suggested in them. With every turn, the experience gets better resulting in a great candidate experience in the end.

Just like a recruiter has expectations from job seekers, the latter also has expectations from the organisation that they are applying for. If you want the best talent to join your organisation, you need to provide an excellent candidate experience. Candidates look for the best organisation to achieve their goals and targets. Your organisation needs to portray that it is one of them. The way you conduct your recruitment gives a complete idea of your organisation. Hence, make sure to provide the right impression if you do not want to miss out on exceptional talent. The ten tips mentioned above will assure your organisation a great candidate experience and build a positive employer branding while helping you get more applicants and better hires.

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