Great Candidate

A Great Candidate-May be its not for your Business

In many cases, it may turn out that recruitment a particular candidate with exceptional academic background proves unsuitable for the job he has been recruited for. Similarly, just years of experience don’t make him/her the perfect fit for the business structure. So how to get that great candidate for the business. Any idea!

Recruitment team selects the right candidate.

It is very important that a manpower recruitment agency selects the right candidate for a job. And this is all the more imperative for a niche job. We keep coming across recruitment advertisements which portray the role a successful candidate is expected to play in the organization. But a candidate with the exact parameters may be elusive.

We sometimes see such cases that a candidate is overqualified for the job posting. A candidate may have a decade’s experience but may not be suitable for a particular company. This may be for various reasons this. The budget for the recruitment may be low. The department that may absorb the new entrant could have greenhorns which may prove to be a detrimental factor for someone with extensive experience.

Mostly, great candidates have great ambitions and lofty desires. All the business organizations will not get one for them. Your business may not have the opportunity for vertical movement for a candidate. Hence, in this case, your business may not be the ideal place for a great candidate.

Taking a look at the other facts also conveys that – an academically qualified candidate may not have the practical skills. Or for that matter, a candidate who is street smart may not be all that great due to his lack of theoretical knowledge. After a certain point in a career, a judicious mix of theory and practical knowledge helps in growth.


There is a chance, that candidate with a great reputation can be a drain on your company’s finances. You would not recruit Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi for an Indian football club though they are the greatest footballers. As a football club in the Indian context does not earn the kind of money which can justify the recruitment of such expensive footballers. The logic is same for any professional field. A candidate that fits the company is preferable.

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