Benefits Of Freelancing You Don’t Get With A Desk Job

Grabbing the desired job in this extremely competitive world has become gruelling. One needs to be unique, distinctly skilled, judicious as well as patient. However, owing to profuse development in different domains all over the world, many new ways to earn a living have emerged. People only need to be wise and look around, and they can beyond any question make use of the various opportunities hovering over them.
Among all the different ways of staying employed, an idea of self-employment has found its significance in the present scenario. One of them is “Freelancing”. Coined by Sir Walter Scott in his “Ivanoe”, to refer to a medieval mercenary warrior, Freelancing today is defined as an occupation where a person is self-employed and is not necessarily connected to a particular employer on a long-term basis. The person who does a freelancing job is known as a freelancer. The word Freelance is spreading across the globe, and it can be repeatedly heard whenever asked people who are looking for a job.
The question arises now, as to whether or not this different way of earning is beneficial. It is evident that no job is secure. Every work requires special skills and talents. Freelancing cannot save itself from such requirements, but we cannot deny the fact that freelancing is beneficial if taken up judiciously. There are various reasons why freelancing can be considered advantageous. The below reasons will help you know the benefits of Freelancing.

  1. Flexibility regarding Location: The absence of commitment bestows a freelancer with enough flexibility. A freelancer gets to the location of work for himself. They can work from wherever they want to, as long as they are offering the best of their jobs. Therefore, freelancing gives the worker enough freedom to exercise his abilities and skills which is not much available on a work desk.
  2. Earn in abundance: A freelancer can undeniably earn a lot. Since it is a flexible way of working, a freelancer gains the opportunity to connect with clients crossing all barriers from different states, countries and overseas as well. They are no more restricted to a particular premise instead can connect with people across the globe and take up the works that recognise and rewards their talents. This helps them earn a lot more than they could if restricted to a small office cabin.
  3. Experiment: A freelancer does not have to follow a strict decorum of the office environment. As a result of this, they get a fair chance to experiment with their craft. They can enhance their skill sets with a free will. This helps them to develop themselves as a worker in their desired domains. They can figure out both their strengths as well as weaknesses in this process and also work on their shortcomings. Thus, freelancing comes across as an advantageous tool in upgrading a person.
  4. You are the Boss: The best thing about working as a freelancer is that nobody can be bossy around you. You are your boss. You are responsible for what you do. You decide where and how to work. Nobody controls you, your thought process and your way of working. You are not accountable to anyone as nobody is managing or governing you.
  5. No Traveling: Freelancing comes with the benefits of the “work from home” concept. Most freelancing jobs provides the possibility to work from home which is not available to employees in general. Even though the working hour for an employee is mostly 9 to 5 but it can extend to 7 to 7 because of travelling daily to the workplace and coming back home. Freelancers can save those extra 4 hours for themselves and invest on something relaxing or productive like taking up their hobbies.
  6. Control Over Workload – Having control over the workload is one the best advantages one can get from being a freelancer. This benefit is no way available on a working desk inside cubicles. Being a freelancer, you get to decide how much to work and when to stop. If you are loaded with work from way too many clients, you can feel free to detach some. Another benefit of having this control over your workload is that it proves to be good for your health as well.
  7. Freedom of Choice – The freedom of choice is best exercised by those who earn their living by freelancing. They gain the freedom to choose the type of work and their clients which have the potential to enhance their work and suit their interests and skills. Thus, a freelancer is solely responsible for their actions. This freedom is another feature which is not available to employees who are intricately tied to a fixed employer or an office.
  8. No More Sickness – Working for hours inside a strict office cubicle with managers governing every move of the employee can exhaust them to a greater extent. As a matter of consequence people in the office often tend to take sick leaves. This toilsome picture is not available in freelancing. Since a freelancer is free to work from anywhere, at any time, with anybody, take up projects which interest them and manage their workload, this benefits them in many ways. It is less likely for them to fall sick as they get to employ at will.
  9. No Dress Code – Wearing formals every day can be monotonous. Although the industry of fashion has come up with many enticing formals, yet feeling comfortable while working can help you employ your creativity better. Freelancing offers this freedom. A freelancer would mostly work from home so he can be in his PJs, feel homely and get started with his job. Even if he has to go out and work, he can be clad in casuals and operate freely. This kind of freedom is most coveted in offices in today’s era.
  10. No layoffs – One of the worst nightmares for those who are involved in full-time jobs is getting laid off with unannounced. Many companies big or small, follow the concept of lay off whenever cost-cutting is required to be done. Employees do not have job security, and they are even made to compete with their colleagues to save their jobs. A freelancer is free from such fears. He does not need to worry about losing his job as long as he is doing his best. Layoffs are depressing, and a freelancer is free from such illnesses.
  11. No dealing with Colleagues – You always are not always blessed with supportive and helpful colleagues. Sometimes managing envious work-mates can depress you a lot. Freelancing is free from this trouble. It enables you to choose with whom you want to work, especially like-minded people. You do not have to stay connected to them every day for 8 to 9 hours. You can meet them, exchange ideas whenever you want to.
  12. Taking Breaks Whenever You Want – Researchers have found out taking breaks even for 10 to 15 minutes can help you concentrate more and can energise you greatly. This helps you to work efficiently. Therefore taking short naps or sleeping between work can make you healthier. Even though many universities and companies have opted for this concept by making nap rooms for students and employees, most of the desk workers are not blessed with this benefit. However, if you are a freelancer, you can take rest whenever you want to.
  13. You can set your schedule – It doesn’t matter anymore if you are a morning lark or a night owl when you are earning your bread as a freelancer. You are free to choose your working hour. You can set your schedule according to your convenience. This helps you develop a fresh mind while working rather than surrounding yourself with a dull and monotonous environment inside a cubicle.
  14. High-Demands – The domain of freelancing today has become immensely competitive and requires adequate skills, as a result of which it demands high qualities. Freelancers have great demands in the current times because most businesses do not have employees to take up their duties and thus they keep an excellent freelancing team instead. Freelancers, therefore, are always in high demand.

Freelancing has come across as a significant boon concerning employment with benefits in abundance. People can start freelancing at any point in their lives and yet achieve greater success in their desired fields. Freelancing helps a person deliver the best of his works with a healthy and a focused mind which is not the scene in desk work.

Hiring freelancers are in the trend now. Many businesses tend to hire freelancers nowadays because they are aware of their positive and unique outcomes. It only requires proper planning before opting to do a freelancing job. One needs to set their goals, identify the clients with whom they would plan to work and get started. The journey after that would be
thrilling, and the freelancer would reach new heights.