The Ultimate Interview Guide

Everyone is aware of the phrase ‘first impression matters.’ However, in its real sense, it’s not just a phrase and has more to it. It encompasses your first appearance impression to your know-how about the job and the final talk before being hired.
For that, you need to know precisely how well you fit for that position. Here are some tips for a pro-like interview hit. (more…)


Customer Experience v/s Buying Behavior

I was driving on my way to home, and at a traffic signal, I saw people selling toys, car wipes and some little Indian Tricolor. What intrigued me was that people who were sitting in their Porsches and Audis were negotiating with these sellers. Now let me tell you something about these sellers – they are not representing any brand or part of a retail sales team of a shopping mall. (more…)

Ways to plan a marketing strategy to find a new job

5 Ways to plan a marketing strategy for your job search.

Don’t feel demotivated in case you did not receive any positive response to your job application on the online job portals. The reason is, you did not plan a marketing strategy for your job search. Yes, it’s a trick of the trade. Marketing strategies are superior options to sell something. In this case, you’ll have to sell your skills and abilities in so that they are attractive for the recruiters. (more…)

Talk to Your Boss About Your Work-Related Stress

How Should You Talk to Your Boss About Your Work-Related Stress?

When you’re loaded with work, it affects you. This business-related pressure can influence your psyche and body notwithstanding when you neglect to take note. In the vast majority of cases, you are not ready to prevent this worry from happening — yet you can decide how to manage those tough circumstances. A correct state of mind to deal with the pressure indeed can enable you to go through it. In the meantime, this state of mind will decide how fruitful you will wind up over the long haul. Business-related stress is regular in each person’s life. What can influence you to stand separated is how you are managing the pressure or stress. (more…)

How to handle Toxic coworkers - People - Workers

How to Handle A Toxic Coworkers?

No two persons are the same. Even at the workplace, you will meet different kinds of people – some interesting, while some you may not like. Your degree of dislike may increase tenfold when you discover that they have some undesirable or even annoying habits which are generally condemned at the workplace, like, gossiping colleagues, behaviour displaying aggression or non-cooperation, harassment, and so on. While you may take legal actions against some of them, you cannot seek legal assistance against some other. Hence, such people are termed, toxic workers. The research concludes that toxic coworkers are one of the many reasons why people quit their jobs. (more…)