Reasons not to lie on your resume

Why You Should Not Lie on Your Resume
Usually, if a person is serious about getting the desired job, he or she creates a resume to prove professional capability and competence. After that, a potential employee submits it to a possible employer. Of course, while resume writing, the applicant thinks about what to include in the CV. He considers items that may boost his chances of employment. Sometimes, even thoughts of dishonesty may surface. (more…)


An entry-level job today has specifications of a few years of work experience.

As bizarre as the title sounds, it is true that most organisation’s today ask for work experience for an entry level job. Going by the words, an entry-level job position means the first job. So, how can the recruiters ask you for your work experience when you haven’t had any? This raises much confusion in the mind of freshers. They need a job to get the experience. However, recruiters need to see your expertise to give you a role. There must be a way to get through this. Recruiters have a purpose behind every job description that they post. Hence, how do you apply for organisation’s who demand work experience when you don’t have any? Do you have to give up on them? Alternatively, is there a way you can get through this condition? (more…)


Ways to Motivate Your Workforce for Learning and Development

With the world advancing at a fast rate, your employees need to possess skills that bring the best for the company. Trends change from time to time, and it is the organisation’s responsibility to provide learning and skill development to its employees regularly. Being an employer, you might provide all the facilities for your employees to learn and to grow, but, how do you bring about the interest in them to take up everything you offer? How do you motivate the workforce to learn and develop? There are many ways to ensure that your employees are always motivated and are have a productive day every day. (more…)


Stay ahead of the tech: make the best resume out there.

Times have changed drastically in every aspect of life lately. So have recruitment processes. Employers have made a few significant changes in the recruitment process, and it is all for good. Gone are the days when you typed out all your professional information manually and printed it out on A4 sheets, and sent out to recruiters what you called your resume. Now, with a variety of templates to choose from, professional services offered by expert resume writers, technology being used to make it more creative, more professional- resume writing itself has become as competitive as job seeking. Moreover, with the use of artificial intelligence systems like the ATS or the applicant tracking system, building the best resume has become even harder and requires more strategic thinking than ever before. (more…)


How to Ace a Travel Interview

In today’s interconnected world, many job-seekers are considering placements across the globe. In fact, 17 per cent of employees relocate for a job. If you’re considering moving for work, it’s important to be prepared for a job search that requires quite a bit of travel.

Travelling for interviews, however, can amplify the stress of the typical job search process. You still need to be engaging, creative and quick which is not easy while jet-lagged and exhausted. Here are a few tips on how to ace a travel interview and achieve professional success. (more…)


Make your business meetings more efficient than ever before – Here’s how you can do it!

Waking up before your alarm goes off, hustling around your house to get ready and reach the office, a bunch of files in hand, heading for business meetings have been a dreaded affair in organisations for ages. It is a routine that all successful professionals perform. However, with passing years, managers and top-level executives have tried making business meetings more naturalistic and creative to increase the participants’ efficiency, and also help each employee develop personally, concerning their communication or public speaking skills. Creative endeavours like poolside meetings, informal dress codes followed by lunches or other engagement activities, skype or Webex meetings to make it more inclusive for distant/ overseas employees, etc. However, have they made business meetings more efficient? (more…)

ATS friendly Resume

How to make your resume ATS friendly?

Employers use various systems and processes to hire candidates. One of the processes being actively used to screen candidates is Application Tracking System(ATS). It is a process where the recruiters will not see your resume in the initial stages of recruitment. They will have bots which will scan your resumes based on the requirement fed to it by the employers. Your resume is shortlisted by the bot only if your resume meets the requirements and is ATS friendly. In a process like this, every word in your resume matters and counts for your place in the final round. There is no human intervention in this process. It is completely automated, and hence, your resume needs to be accurate for you to get through to the successive round. There are elements you have to remember while creating your resume for this process to act in your favour. (more…)

High-Quality Talent

HR’s Top Challenges in 2019

Human Resource Management or as most commonly called the HR Team is one of the most important teams in an organisation or a company. The various aspects of a company exclusively depend upon the Human Resource Team as it is solely their responsibility to manage the affairs of employees in the organisation. The HR team plays many vital roles in a company. It guides the management team in managing the team in such a way that they can convert it into a business resource. They maintain and hire employees, coordinate the various benefits of employees and suggest employee training as well as developments. HR’s top challenges in 2019. (more…)


Useful Tips to Really Impress During A Job Interview in 2019

After all the hard work you put in to clear those screening and aptitude tests, it all comes down to how you perform in the last round, that is, the job interview. The interview is when the recruiters meet you in person to know more about you and your experiences. Hence, it is crucial to make an outstanding impression to leave no chances of getting that role. There are a few critical tips that you need to know before attending an interview to make your first impression the best one. (more…)