How to Get an Outstanding Resume to Win the Applicant Tracking System

Often deserving candidates fail to receive a response from the recruiters. This is due to their unawareness of ATS or Applicant Tracking System. ATS is a computerized system. In the recent days, its used by the recruiters to shortlist, scan and rank the applications submitted for the company vacancy.

The system was also in use in before years. But the large sized corporations used to work with this system. Today the small-scale organizations are also using the ATS system. Regardless of the size, almost every company is using this tool to hire the best candidates.

This system effectively eliminates the irrelevant and least qualified profiles. Therefore, if a job seeker is really qualified but his resume is not developed keeping ATS in mind, the candidate would find his job application knocked out of the system and put into the resume black hole that is a nightmare for any job seeker. To create an ATS-friendly resume, the following tips should be followed.

5 Tips to Get an ATS-Winning Resume

Keywords are the Key to Success

Whenever a resume is submitted through an ATS, the system stores the resume as an entry in the database. Recruiters go into the database and search for those resumes that contain the keywords relevant to their vacancies, such as any particular skill or expertise. Therefore, if you want your resume to be noticed by the recruiters, you need to pepper in the most relevant and suitable set of keywords from the beginning to the concluding section of your resume.

To get an idea about the keywords relevant to the vacancy you are looking for, have a careful look at the job description and identify the key terms popping up in these specific job listings. It would be better if you can insert small tweaks into the language to make your resume matching to the job listing.

Simplicity is Appealing

Excessive use of graphics, columns, or tables may ruin your resume. These tools might be pleasing to the human eyes, but don’t forget that ATS does not analyze with the human eyes. For instance, ATS is not able to read an image or chart. So there is no use of putting images of your names or other good looking graphics. So, you should keep your resume simple to make it extraordinary from the perspective of ATS.

You should rely on a simple and clean design format to help the application pass through the ATS without any hassle. In order to get an idea of how the formatted resume would render after passing through the ATS, you can save the plain text of your resume in another bank document and read the result. If you find the plain text is missing some important pieces of information, looking disorganized, you should reformat it immediately.

PDF is not Cool

Submitting resume as a Microsoft Word File is a better idea than relying on the PDF format. This is true that PDFs are great to keep your resume unchanged, but there are many ATS systems that are not able to convert the PDF files to extract the text out of the resumes. So, don’t send PDF formats without the recruiter’s concern.

Avoid Headers & Footers

Most of the job seekers prefer to insert their contact details and other important information into the header and footer section. This trick is not suitable for an ATS-friendly resume. Sometimes, ATS scrambles the header and footer sections. In such a case, the system misses the information mentioned over there. You can use standard headers for sections like work experience, education, or professional development.

Proofread is Must

Being confident is no doubt an advantage, but you should not be overconfident. You might be thinking that everything is perfect on your resume, then why still the rejection. But just a careful proofreading can reveal more than one issue in your resume. Therefore, you should always proofread your resume at least once before submitting it.

It is not possible to control the recruiters’ actions; you cannot compel the recruiters to hire you. What you can do is to make sure that your resume is able to pass through the Applicant Tracking System. If you want experts’ help in passing the ATS test, you can hire a professional resume builder to develop a professional and ATS-friendly resume for you.