An entry-level job today has specifications of a few years of work experience.

As bizarre as the title sounds, it is true that most organisation’s today ask for work experience for an entry-level job. Going by the words, an entry-level job position means the first job. So, how can the recruiters ask you for your work experience when you haven’t had any? This raises much confusion in the mind of freshers. They need a job to get the experience. However, recruiters need to see your expertise to give you a role. There must be a way to get through this. Recruiters have a purpose behind every job description that they post. Hence, how do you apply for organisation’s who demand work experience when you don’t have any? Do you have to give up on them? Alternatively, is there a way you can get through this condition?

Nothing is impossible. For every question, there is a solution. The same applies to the above problems as well. You do not have to give up on the organisation’s because they demand experience. There is always a way to get through this constraint. Here’s how:

  • Apply anyway:
    The first and the foremost rule is to apply for the role anyway. The job description sure demands work experience. However, it would help if you also remembered that they have posted the position of a candidate with a few years experience and is a fresher. This is a loophole giving you the opportunity to apply for it anyway. The only way you will figure out if they are hiring only people with the experience is when you apply for it. There’s nothing to lose if you apply for it even without the experience. There are chances that when you don’t, they might be considering candidates without experience as well. Therefore, always make the most of the opportunity. The system accepts resumes from everyone. Thus, not having the required work experience should not stop you from applying for a good organisation. Do not give place for regret in the future.
  • Network:
    Having your people close is very important during a job hunt. You must ensure that your network is strong. Every person you meet during your job hunt can be of benefit to you. In the end, all that needs to matter is that job that you need. It would help if you kept in touch with people in reputed positions and companies. This is the time they can be of utmost help to you. Once you have applied for the role, it is now the time for the organisation to shortlist the most eligible candidates. This is when your network can help you. If you know a person in a high designation, they can always make the process of your recruitment less stressful and easy. Networks are a vital part during the job hunt. It can take you heights if you have even the slightest amount of talent. Experience does matter a lot if you have the talent and if you have a person that is backing up your application regularly.
  • Internship:
    Now, coming to the point. This section is the most important of all. This is the element of your resume that can make or break the deal for you. You must remember that you have no work experience. This means you are probably not accepted for almost half of the vacancies that are for freshers. Therefore, what is that element in your resume that will make you stand out? Internships! Yes, internships are way more important than you consider them to be. You sure would have planned your career well in advance, therefore including an internship in that plan will raise the results to a whole new level. While in college, take out time and do a few internships for the benefit of the future. There are summer and winter breaks in which you can do them. Many organisation’s hire students who want to learn and execute more in their field of interest. This way you will get a clearer idea about what you want to do and how you want to do it. This kind of opportunity you must not miss while doing your degree. Internships are the place to learn. They act as the beginning of your career even before it begins.

The after effect of the internship will be massive. You will come out with greater knowledge and a more extensive network. This experience is essential as it will kickstart your career. How is this going to help you get through that work experience condition that is quoted by the recruiters? If your resume has an impressive internship section, that means you are in the running for the position. The doubt that your resume might not get through because of the lack of experience will be reduced as you now have an internship in your resume. Internships are not entirely considered as legit work experience, but is a plus point in a bundle of resumes that have neither. Recruiters look into this very carefully as this is the only experience that you have. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do an internship before you apply for your first job.

  • Highlight any entrepreneurial skills that you possess:
    Your resume needs to be oozing skills. It needs to be the talking point of the recruitment session. Since you have no experience, it is essential for you to mention your skills smartly. You need to include your skills in a way that they match the required skills most appropriately. Skills that describe your entrepreneurial side add a significant point to your profile. It would help if you conveyed to them that you are good enough for the role sans any work experience. Just the skills and the internship section on your resume can get you a job irrespective of your experience. Therefore, make sure you include every skill you possess.
  • Volunteer:
    The next thing that makes your resume stand out apart from your internship and skill section is your volunteer section. No, you might say that it does not count while assessing your resume. However, let me tell you. It does! Especially when you have no experience. Volunteering is something that you do for the betterment of others. Volunteering says a lot about your personality. It would help if you did a little bit of it to make a good impression in the eyes of the recruiter. This also shows that you take the initiative and are concerned about the happenings around you.
  • Social media:
    This is one platform that helps you get places. The world is moving forward at a pace that can’t be measured. Technology is booming like wildfire. To get a job is not as tough as it used to be then. You have so many ways of applying for them. Social media is one of them. Everything you need is on the internet. You have to know to utilise it. Having no work experience might have shut the doors of a few organisation’s. However, there are a million more throughout the globe to apply for. Social media helps you find them. It is a platform that brings you various kinds of organisation’s. Data is given to you based on your searches. This way it is easier to find the organisation of your interest in less time.
  • Take a leadership role:
    As mentioned before, you would have planned for your career well in advance. In the process of that plan make sure to perform some leadership activities. Including a leadership role adds weight to your resume. It shows that you can be independent and know how to get things done. Even if you have already graduated from college and have just found out about the bizarre requirement of the recruiters. You can take up roles even now and add it to your resume. Skills like this convey to the recruiter that you are capable of taking up strong roles. At this point when you lack one requirement for the position, you must know to amplify your resume highlighting the others. This way, your application has more chances of making it through the initial process without much of a glitch.

It is true that a requirement like this is a little odd. However, you must understand that you need to perform better and must present a resume that compensates the work experience that Companies seek. All freshers need to go through this test. It’s not that none of them gets recruited. Many freshers get recruited even after quoting a requirement like this how you may wonder. The above points tell you just how. This is the way you can make an impression without any prior work experience. As a fresher, you will have your expectations and aspirations on your first job. You might even have a dream organisation that you want to join. However, what will you do if this is a critical requirement in the hiring process? You must know how to uplift your resume without it.