How to Ace a Travel Interview

In today’s interconnected world, many job-seekers are considering placements across the globe. In fact, 17 per cent of employees relocate for a job. If you’re considering moving for work, it’s important to be prepared for a job search that requires quite a bit of travel.

Travelling for interviews, however, can amplify the stress of the typical job search process. You still need to be engaging, creative and quick which is not easy while jet-lagged and exhausted. Here are a few tips on how to ace a travel interview and achieve professional success.

Give yourself time:
When travelling, it can be difficult to fully nail down an exact arrival time due to unknown factors like traffic, flight delays or weather. Make sure to give yourself a large cushion of time to avoid being late to your interview. This will help reduce travel-related stress and allow you to focus on your interview preparation. We recommend giving yourself an additional two hours more than you expect you’ll need. If you arrive early, it can be spent relaxing in a cafe or looking over your resume.

Sleep on the plane:
The best way to beat jet-lag and travel stress is to land in your destination well-rested. This will let you arrive energised and mentally ready to impress in your interview. Although planes can be notoriously uncomfortable, planning will make it much easier to fall asleep in your seat. Consider bringing a comfortable eye mask to block out any distractions, and a transportable pillow to help you relax. Try to keep your nap to thirty minutes or less so you’ll wake up rejuvenated instead of tired.

Pack extra clothes:
Professional attire is a well-known interview must and is still just as important during a travel interview. Clothing catastrophes, however, are common while on the road. Stains, wrinkles, rips and broken heels can; unfortunately, all occur while you’re far from home and the comfort of your closet. To avoid any unprofessional wardrobe issues or additional stress, bring along an extra set of interview clothes. This will give you the option to change quickly if the worst happens and will help preserve the professionalism of your interview.

Stay professional the whole visit:
Travelling to interview in-person instead of over video is a great way to get a sense of your potential new home. Familiarise yourself with the area by visiting local restaurants, parks and museums. This should give you a better understanding of how you would fit into the city. It’s important to remember, however, that you need to remain professional, even on your downtime. Don’t go out drinking or dress in scandalous outfits; you could quickly run into your potential employers or future coworkers and make an unbecoming first impression.

Send a thank you note:
It’s important to send a quick note thanking your interviewers after your meeting. If you wait to send the letter until you get home, however, it could take days to reach them. Instead, jot a short, but thoughtful note thanking the interviewers for their time immediately after the interview. This way, you’ll be able to include specifics about your discussion while it’s still fresh in your mind. It will also ensure that they receive your note the following day which can make a great impression and could set you apart from the other candidates.

Being called for a travel interview can seem daunting, but it’s a great way to prove your interest in a job while also familiarising yourself with the company and area. Instead of stressing out, take a few steps in the days leading up to and directly following the meeting to set yourself up for success. Then, all you have to do is sell your skills during the interview and prove that you deserve the job.

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