5 Ways to plan a marketing strategy for your job search.

Don’t feel demotivated in case you did not receive any positive response to your job application on the online job portals. The reason is, you did not plan a marketing strategy for your job search. Yes, it’s a trick of the trade. Marketing strategies are superior options to sell something. In this case, you’ll have to sell your skills and abilities in so that they are attractive for the recruiters.

What are the critical elements of a successful job search? A successful job search comprises of an impressive LinkedIn profile, a customised professionally made, keyword optimised, aligned to the Job description Resume/CV and a short cover letter.
While planning to find a job, always think like a marketer. How do you sell your competencies?
Find a job using these marketing strategies since it is easy to land new jobs with these methods:

Right Target Audience
Take some time off to answer the following questions.

  • What is your preferred industry /vertical?
  • What is the ideal company size for you – a startup, mid-size, or large enterprise? Ask yourself why? For example, you’d prefer a startup because you want to get your hands dirty. Get into the work head on, and gain skills that’ll eventually pay off. You want challenges, are comfortable with risk-taking and need much responsibility to feel accomplished. On the other hand, you may look for Fortune 500 organisations because you prefer their brands, which provide you with secondary incentives of social prestige along with the money.
  • Do you want to work in a corporate organisation or an agency? What kind of tasks do you like- planning/strategising or executing or consulting.
  • Which environment suits you – B2B or B2C? How do your interpersonal skills/ negotiation abilities help you in this regard?
  • What kind of work culture should your dream company foster? You may ask yourself if you would like conventional work timings with a very office like set up, or more flexibility about your timings/ work from home. Does office aesthetics affect your work?

Grow your business network:
Are you contacting the right people for your job search? Referrals play a significant role in the hiring process as they speed up the process; 80% of the vacancies are not posted on online job portals.
Build a suitable network of employees who are currently working in your dream company. Larger the network, more successful will be your job hunt for your new job.

Personal Branding:
What makes you different from other candidates? Why should a company hire you? What’s your USP? Personal branding speaks volumes about your unique value proposition. So, when you write a resume, do not forget to mention how the company will benefit from your skills and expertise. Choosing a set of common skills from the suggested bank is okay, but that will only guide you to an extent. Be honest in stating your competencies. Nothing irritates recruiters more than reading a variety on highlighted skills on job portals and later finding out that they don’t match with reality. Make sure you display your unique abilities. If you are not aware of your blind spots, ask your colleagues/ friends/ family.

Interview Call:
Conclude your cover letter with an appropriate call to action to elicit a positive response. For instance, concluding remarks may read:
“I wish to explore opportunities to contribute to the growth strategy of XXX and become an asset for your esteemed organisation. May we meet to explore needs and discuss how I can help?”
Add a call to action in your LinkedIn profile too, especially the summary section. You may invite people to connect, visit your website, call or email.

Finally, you may track your application status using CRM tools to be well-prepared for interviews in advance. Send recruiters follow up emails to check on the state; you may also try reaching them over a call. However, remember, following up is not the same as dropping a mail every two days. It might become irritating for the other person. Once your interview is over, always send a “thank you” note to the interviewer.
Use these strategies for a successful job search.