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The Cost of a Bad Hire is much more than you think

“One rotten apple spoils the barrel”. We have all heard about this proverb. The inherent meaning of it is that one single lousy element in a group can destroy the entire pack. When it comes to recruiting employees, this is a very vital lesson every company or organisation should take into consideration. The company will[Read more…]

Your resume and LinkedIn profile aren’t the same. However, should go hand in hand.


There was a time when job seekers would abruptly stop on the streets, keenly looking at a wall or a building. They had probably noticed some faded, half torn advert for a job and were trying to figure out the details from a somewhat mutilated sheet of paper. Can some of you still relate to[Read more…]

Web Strategy: Attracting and Retaining website visitors using digital content.

Digital content

Technology has taken over the world. You can now reach to the world in the click of a button. Everything about your organisation is digital. Anyone can see it anywhere, anytime. With the abundance of resources and platform comes zillions of organisation’s who also want to make their mark in the marketplace. With so many organisation’s[Read more…]

How listing internships as professional experience gives an edge

observation, internships

More and more students these days are applying for internships or apprenticeships in their respective fields after finishing their course, or even while pursuing it, to get a hands-on experience of the things they are learning. Internships with the right organisations are seen as invaluable opportunities, which serve a variety of purposes.

Importance of Keyword Optimised Job Description

Job Description

A job description facilitates the recruitment and selection process. It outlines the duties to be performed in the job. An accurate job description further justifies the employee’s role in the organization. It describes the duties and responsibilities which need to be performed. It defines where the process fits within the normal organizational hierarchy. Hence, use[Read more…]

Why Customised Resume For Every Job Application Is Important

customised Resume

The shift in technology, business environment and demographics have changed the old ways of recruitment. The current job environment demands a customised resume for every job application. Each job is different, and it requires different skills, qualifications and needs. Using the same resume for each job opening is undesirable. It makes your chances of securing[Read more…]

Benefits Of Having Multiple Resumes Aligned To Job Roles

Multiple Resumes

A resume sums up a job seeker’s eligibility, skills, qualifications and experiences. It is a preliminary document that projects an employee. An accurate, precise and well-defined resume can improve the job seeker’s chances of securing an interview. An ill-designed resume can eliminate your chances of getting a job. With the competition in the job market[Read more…]

Your Resume Needs Optimisation To Beat The Bots

applicant tracking system

A resume is the only piece of information an organisation possesses about you. It represents you as an applicant or job seeker. A resume is a document that sums up a job seeker’s achievements, skills and qualifications for the job they are interested in. It is a tool to market yourself to potential employers. It[Read more…]