customising Resume

Is customising your resume a good thing or having two different?

Your resume is you on a piece of paper for the recruiter. It needs to reflect your personality as a person and give your professional skills the limelight. We often advise people, customising your resume for each job that they apply for help, rather than having a generic resume for everything. This makes the resume more relevant and streamlines it for job match. (more…)

ATS friendly Resume

How to make your resume ATS friendly?

Employers use various systems and processes to hire candidates. One of the processes being actively used to screen candidates is Application Tracking System(ATS). It is a process where the recruiters will not see your resume in the initial stages of recruitment. They will have bots which will scan your resumes based on the requirement fed to it by the employers. Your resume is shortlisted by the bot only if your resume meets the requirements and is ATS friendly. In a process like this, every word in your resume matters and counts for your place in the final round. There is no human intervention in this process. It is completely automated, and hence, your resume needs to be accurate for you to get through to the successive round. There are elements you have to remember while creating your resume for this process to act in your favour. (more…)


Qualities that recruiters look for in a job hopper.

You might not have a strong reason for why you change the organisation’s so frequently. You must have gone through many rejections in the process of finding the right job. Not all recruiters reject job hoppers as soon as they see their resume. There are a few recruiters who look for the best in a candidate. You need to present yourself in the best possible way to get that role. (more…)


Why recruit a job hopper?

There is so much of analysis and decision making that goes on behind that one recruitment process. You need to look into hundreds of resumes, test them, again shortlist them. The process does not stop there. It would help if you interviewed every shortlisted candidate. In the series of such tedious tasks, why would anyone of you want to hire a job hopper? You, as recruiters wish to engage with the best resources for your company. You always reject any resume that hints that he is a job hopper. This does not seem right. (more…)


How to write a Resume Summary that gets you an Interview

A resume is the first thing that your recruiter views to get an idea about you and your skills. Your resume needs to stand out from the mass and must make an impression in the first read. The elements in your resume need to be on point and crisp. If you are a candidate of years of experience, it is evident for your resume to be lengthy but describe things only what are relevant for the Job you are applying. This is when you need to introduce a resume summary in your CV. (more…)


Self-promotion an absolute necessity for every professional

Screening tests and interviews are not the only tests that you will be given during your career. After being placed, you need to set your standards high to retain the position offered. You need to look for your growth and make the most of the resources available in the organisation. There needs to be an improvement in your career with every passing term. Your Career Development can happen only if you are keen to learn and can project your capabilities. (more…)

High-Quality Talent

HR’s Top Challenges in 2019

Human Resource Management or as most commonly called the HR Team is one of the most important teams in an organisation or a company. The various aspects of a company exclusively depend upon the Human Resource Team as it is solely their responsibility to manage the affairs of employees in the organisation. The HR team plays many vital roles in a company. It guides the management team in managing the team in such a way that they can convert it into a business resource. They maintain and hire employees, coordinate the various benefits of employees and suggest employee training as well as developments. HR’s top challenges in 2019. (more…)