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4 Tips to Get a Call from Your Recruiters

Tips to Get a Call from Your Recruiters

ATS Friendly Resume– Get a Call from Your Recruiters You find your dream job online, submit your updated resume, and then you spend days on a hope that you will be called for an interview. Often, you fail to receive any call and it leaves you haunting the answer to the question -“What’s wrong?” The[Read more…]

Should Job Seekers include their references in resume or not?

references in resume

Most of the applicants are hesitant over the references, whether the applicants should place references in their resume or not. It’s a very tough factor to decide that resume references are okay to include or not! Does it really carry a good impression! If you are an applicant, you will be able to relate to this[Read more…]

How to Get an Outstanding Resume to Win the Applicant Tracking System

Outstanding Resume to Win the Applicant Tracking System

Often deserving candidates fail to receive a response from the recruiters. This is due to their unawareness of ATS or Applicant Tracking System. ATS is a computerized system. In the recent days, its used by the recruiters to shortlist, scan and rank the applications submitted for the company vacancy.

Everything You Need to Know about Post Interview Thank You Note


Do you know that a simple thank-you note can impact your chances of landing a job vacancy?  After conducting an interview, most of the interviewers expect a thank-you note from the side of the candidates. Many aspiring job seekers are not aware of the importance of an interview thank you note. If you are one[Read more…]