10 Basic Elements Recruiters Look For in Your LinkedIn Profile

Gone are those days when recruiters spent long hours on the pile of printed resumes. Everything is going digital, so is your resume. Moreover, today’s recruiters keep an eye on certain things in your resume. The first thing is your LinkedIn profile. If you know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in the right way, you are going to win half of the battle. (more…)

Effective things to improve communication skills

Importance of having proper communication skills

Communication according to the experts is considered to be an act of trying to convey meaningful information with regards to a person. This can be in the written form (making use of digital or printed media like magazines, books, emails or websites), vocally (making use of voice), visually (making use of logos, graphs, charts or maps) or non verbally (making use of gestures, body language, pitch and tone of voice). (more…)

Enlist the Services of an Educational Consultant

Why Should You Enlist the Services of an Educational Consultant

Each year, more and more students graduate high school and college worldwide. As a consequence, the demand for high-quality prospects in higher education has exploded in the last few years. So as the competition of college admissions has increased. The situation of the education sector has shifted considerably in the light of this. (more…)