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Top 5 Things an HR Notices While Interviewing Job Seekers

Things an HR Notices While Interviewing Job Seekers

Interviewing candidates for a position in a company is a grueling task for the managers. Because factually it consumes lots of their energy. The recruitment process starts with sifting through hundreds of CVs and selecting a few that make the cut, and then the interview. And finding that right person out of it is tedious.[Read more…]

How to Select Suitable Employee Training Format

Selecting Suitable Training Format

These days, most of the companies are making employee training a top priority. Not only employee training is gaining importance, employee opinion is also gaining equal importance. When you prioritize employee training, first of all, you need to know whether you are delivering exactly what your employees need the most or not. You should determine a[Read more…]

3 Most Effective Tips on Driving Sales Efficiency with Transparency

3 Most Effective Sales strategy with Transparency - sales marketing

Sales experts are captivated by the new concept of transparency and accountability. It’s true that acquiring transparency is not an easy thing. Also, it is not impossible to achieve. Often industry leaders hire a group of sales managers to play the game in the best way and assure big deals at the end of every quarter.