What is TalentFore?

The core of everything we do originates from our motivation to close the gap between employer and employee expectations by making it easy and valuable for professionals to protect their employability and growth while ensuring companies are able to find the right talent and develop existing talent – Powerful Customer Experience.

Challenges in Job markets are growing, incomes have been stagnating, and the skill gaps are increasing.

Unemployment is a major problem, also around 70% of employees are actively looking, or open to a new Job. Yet employers claim a continual struggle to find the right talent for their organizations.

Some of the reasons being:

  • Employers are using the Application Tracking System(ATS) and many good candidates get rejected due to a non-compliant Resume.
  • Search is now based on keywords and many good candidates get rejected due to a non-use of keywords in Resume.
  • Employers not writing clear job descriptions.
  • Employer brand is gaining prominence as a factor in the application.
  • Employers are searching for “work ready” employees.
  • Employers are assessing candidates on their knowledge and skills and not on education and past records - Increasing use of personality test.
  • The interview process has changed and has now become more comprehensive with multiple people interviewing hence increasing the hiring period allowing candidates to explore multiple opportunities simultaneously.
  • Increasing use of technology – Skype and Other video screenings tools.

The Hiring process has undergone a change but is the Job seekers aligned? The key reasons mentioned above are – Resumes, Job description, Employer Branding, Skill Assessment, Skilled Development, being techno savvy,Updated knowledge. Our services are aligned to improve efficiencies by addressing all of the above issues which lead to the disconnect between employer and employee.

Most common Resume errors :

  • Typos and grammatical errors.
  • Resumes with missing information -- keywords, no list of skills, etc.
  • Highlighting duties instead of accomplishments
  • Bad summary - Resumes that are too long or too short
  • Attempting the "one–size–fits–all" approach - Resumes too generic, not tailored for the position.

Still for Universities making ”Job-ready” is not the purpose of education, while working professionals are yet to come with terms that “continual and perpetual education is the key to success”.

What organizations provide as learning opportunities may not always be in line with what is required for an employee’s career. So if one needs to protect their employability, one needs to take charge of personal development through continuous skill assessment and development.

There is a strong correlation between learning and sustained employment.

Unlike studying for a qualification, the goal posts in workplace keep moving. This might be because of new technology, customer demand or simply managements vision change.

Innovative technologies are fast transforming the fundamental nature of work and intensifying competition. To be a game changer in this dynamic sphere and considerably reduce anxiety one needs to know and align to the changing environment to Drive prosperity over a long period of time.

TalentFore is a digital platform initiative of Rajesh Shethia Consultants Private limited a 5-year-old organization focusses mainly on Human Resources. Foraying into digital from a brick and mortar organization is a quantum leap for Rajesh Shethia Consultant Private Limited. As enablers, our goal is to provide professionals and Organisations with a one-stop solution for all Human resources and Career Development solutions for the latest service needs.


Rajesh shethia

Rajesh Shethia – Founder

“TalentFore” is the result of the passion and efforts of Rajesh Shethia. Rajesh has an impressive career spanning 17 years with companies such as Tata Interactive Systems, Educomp, HDFC Bank, Coca-Cola, and Airtel. Rajesh has created a niche for himself in the realm of mentoring and guiding the top leadership of companies for better Human Resource Hiring, Managing and Developing strategies. He also mentors start-ups and is credited with setting up Tata ClassEdge, thereby shaking up the e-learning industry. Rajesh also functions as an investment advisor and thought leader for some social impact funds.

Punita shethia

Ms. Punita Shethia - Co-founder and Chief Success Officer

Punita has a degree in Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs from IIM Bangalore. She specializes in executive placements and Career Advice. Within the company, Punita exerts effort to generate outstanding customer experiences through her experience as an HR Professional. She is also responsible for ensuring tangible business performance improvement for clients by helping them ‘see’ the power of human-oriented mindset. Punita also actively creates an ever-increasing scope for career opportunities across industries for women.